World Imagery Updated with more DigitalGlobe and Contributor Imagery

Last week, we updated the World Imagery basemap with more recent imagery from DigitalGlobe and other members of the GIS user community.  This latest update features DigitalGlobe imagery for Argentina, as well as the Caribbean and parts of Central America as shown below.

This is the fourth in a series of planned updates to our World Imagery basemap with imagery provided by DigitalGlobe, expanding on our initial update in Septembersecond update in early October, and third update in late October.  This is the latest update with Basemap +Vivid imagery, which is now available at 1m resolution (down to Level 17) for Argentina, the Caribbean and parts of Central America.  The Basemap +Vivid imagery significantly improves upon the image currency and quality in these countries, as you can see for a few sample areas (tabs 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) in the story map below.

World Imagery Enhancements

Samples of World Imagery Enhancements with DigitalGlobe Imagery

Over the next few months, Esri will continue to release updates with latest available DigitalGlobe imagery from both Basemap +Vivid and Basemap +Metro products.  The next updates in December will include +Vivid updates for several more countries as well as +Metro updates with sub-meter resolution imagery for hundreds of large metro areas around the world.

Community Maps Imagery

With this update, we have also published new or updated imagery for the communities below:

  • Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • State of Vermont, United States

We would like to thank these contributors for sharing their imagery so it can be made available as part of our World Imagery map.  If you have imagery that you’d like to share, please visit our Esri Community Maps for Imagery site to get started!

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  1. johnfraser1 says:

    How can I find the date the image was taken of a certain point in World Imagery?

    • Deane Kensok says:

      You can find the date the image was taken in the story map referenced in this blog post, and in the “Imagery with Metadata” web map in ArcGIS Online: Just zoom in to an area of interest and click on the map.

      • bjwheeler says:

        Having the metadata is great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to update as you hit a different cache level especially zoomed into the final cached level which appears to be much older than the second to last cached level. Metadata gives it the same date, but clearly it is not.

        • Deane Kensok says:

          You are correct that the imagery changes at largest scale levels in some areas. I double-checked and both of the maps I mention above do show the different metadata as the imagery changes. However, you need to click on the map again after you zoom in or out for the updated metadata to appear; otherwise, the popup continues to show the earlier metadata info as you zoom in or out. Please give that a try.

  2. nmpjcoelho says:

    It is with great sorrow that I continue to see updates and that do not pass through Cape Verde, countries where the systems are getting in critical paths and that would be another way to promote the technology.
    Even more that Google is eyeing this country in the middle of the ocean.
    Should invest a little more mainly in the satellite image