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The Doctor is In! Get your Data Health Check at Esri UC

Srinivas Suryanarayanaiah, Senior Technical Lead and Project Manager at Esri, answers all your questions about Data Health Checks at Esri UC.

Meet Srinivas Suryanarayanaiah and get your free data health check, only at Esri UC.

Q: What happens during a data health check? Is it painful?
A: It’s completely painless. A Data Health Check is a 45-minute review and analysis of your data by an Esri industry expert. We will use Esri’s data quality management extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer to run diagnostics and help you evaluate overall data quality based on business rules, specific to your industry. If errors are detected, the Esri expert will review key data concerns with you. Any error features will be captured in a separate geodatabase, and we’ll provide an Excel report to take back to your organization.

Q: Why do I need a Data Health Check?
A: First, think about how and why you use your GIS data. GIS is used to help make important decisions for your organization. There can be trouble when you have missing information or data in the incorrect location. A Data Health Check will give you confidence in the quality of your data so you can trust your GIS-based analysis. This year targeted industries include water, wastewater, electric, gas, roads and highways, land records and addressing, and 3D.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to get a Data Health Check?
A: You just need to bring a sample of your data as a file geodatabase and an Esri industry expert will work one-on-one with you to diagnose, explain, and assess the overall quality of your data. Before the Esri UC, send an email to datareviewer@esri.com with your name, organization, contact information, what dataset you are bringing, and preferred date and time.

Q: Do I need to have ArcGIS Data Reviewer to participate in Esri’s Data Health Check?
A: You do not need ArcGIS Data Reviewer to get a Data Health Check. However, if you would like to take advantage of the Reviewer workspace and batch job that is provided to you, you can request a free, 60-day evaluation of the software or purchase this extension to continuously monitor and maintain your production geodatabase quality.

Q: If I have ArcGIS Data Reviewer, can I use the batch job and workspace that is provided to me?
A: Absolutely. We hope that you build upon the currently configured checks and start using the batch checks as part of your data editing and quality control routines.

Q: Aside from the Data Health Checks, what’s your favorite part of Esri UC?
I love talking to users. I really work to understand their GIS needs—such as integration with other enterprise systems, editing workflows, data quality and data deployment using ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online. For me, the best part of Esri UC is the Plenary, the tech workshops, and the exhibits where users can learn about what our partners have to offer.

Register for Esri UC today!

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Esri 30/30: The Search for a Lost Cemetery

Today’s Story: Finding the Historic Cemetery at Far West, Missouri

Learn how GIS can help uncover history at Esri UC.

Today our travels take us to Far West, Missouri, where a historic site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was lost in the 1890s.

At Esri UC, Brice Lucas of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will share his work to memorialize the people buried at Far West. Church researchers are using GIS to locate unmarked graves. They are using data gathered from historical documents, forensic canines, magnetometry, and ground-penetrating radar. So far the team has determined the geology in areas of interest, located evidence of a historic school on the site, and produced historical geographic details of this cemetery. This talk is part of the moderated user session: Archaeology: Uncovering Historic Routes and Mapping Cemeteries.

Hear from Brice, and hundreds of other GIS professionals at Esri UC.

To find sessions for your industry, click here.

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Esri 30/30: Stormwater for Sustainability

Today’s Story: Stormwater for Sustainability

Today we venture into the southern United States, to Georgia Institute of Technology, a leader in scientific and technological research and education. The campus has made an aggressive commitment to sustainability, including management of stormwater to protect rivers and streams.

Learn about stormwater management modeling from Georgia Tech at Esri UC.

At Esri UC, Rama Sivakumar will present how the team at Georgia Tech is using GIS to carry out a number of strategic initiatives and projects toward the university’s stormwater management goal. They have modeled scenarios and created a master plan for one basin on campus. The master plan assesses the scope for improved stormwater management on the campus at the system level.

Hear from Rama and and hundreds of other GIS professionals at Esri UC.

To find sessions for your industry, click here.

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It’s All about You! (And Your App)

Judy Peppard talks about the User Software Applications Fair at Esri UC.

Share and show off your apps at Esri UC.

Judy Peppard works for Esri Professional Services and organizes the User Software Applications Fair where developers, students, educators, businesses, and anyone else can show off custom-made apps built on the ArcGIS platform. The fair is held in exhibition hall A/B at the San Diego Convention Center.

Q: What’s new and exciting about the User Software Applications Fair this year?
A: We get new app submissions every year so there’s always something new and exciting! This year we’ll be awarding participants with the best web-based applications, mobile GIS applications, desktop GIS applications, and multimedia maps. Visitors can vote for their favorite applications at the fair. Esri UC attendees can submit their apps through June 30.

Q: What do people usually like best about the Fair?
A: People love test driving apps written by other users. They can meet the author and ask questions about functionality and workflows or even the code behind the application.  It’s a great way to connect, share, and get inspired!

Q: How many times have you been to Esri UC?
A: This is my seventeenth year at Esri and I have been to the Esri UC every year that it’s been held in San Diego. I also attended as a user, the last year that it was held in Palm Springs.  That makes this my nineteenth Esri UC!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do at Esri UC afterhours?
A: I like spending time with my friends in the Gaslamp Quarter and cruising in the bay on my friend’s sailboat. He takes a group out every year.

Q: What advice do you have for attendees?
A: Take time to plan out your schedule—if you don’t it’s easy to get overwhelmed once you’re there.  There’s so much to see and do. It’s also important to wear comfortable shoes!

Q: What are some of your favorite Esri UC memories?
A: I always enjoy meeting and becoming friends with people from all over the world who participate in the User Software Applications Fair. Once people have participated in the Fair they tend to stay in touch and stop by the booth every year to say hi and see the new apps. It’s nice to catch up with people year after year!

Submit your app by June 30 to be  part of the User Software Applications Fair at Esri UC!

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Esri 30/30: Fighting Elephant Poaching in Zambia

Today’s Story: Fighting Elephant Poaching in Zambia

Today we travel to the breathtaking South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, where wildlife conservationists are using GIS and remote sensing data to stop elephant poaching.

Learn about wildlife conservation at Esri UC.

At Esri UC, Michelle Kinzel from GIST3 will talk about how she mapped elephant movement within the park. By learning where elephants go, Michelle was able to coordinate mitigation efforts to combat poaching. Michelle’s talk is part of the moderated paper session: Parks, Natural Reserves and More: Habitat Management

Hear from Michelle and hundreds of other GIS professionals at Esri UC.

To find sessions for your industry, click here.

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Esri 30/30: Gulf of Mexico Sea-Level Rise

Today’s Story: Gulf of Mexico Sea-Level Rise

Learn about modeling the affects of sea level rise at Esri UC.

Today we travel to the Gulf of Mexico where coastal ecosystems are in danger due to natural hazards such as sea-level rise.

At Esri UC, Michael Thompson of The Nature Conservancy will share how his organization, through collaborative research, made GIS models to show the affects sea-level rise will have on communities and ecosystems. These models show various scenarios that can be used to create management strategies. Thompson will present as part of the moderated paper session, Climate Change: Sustainable Communities

Hear from Thompson, and hundreds of other GIS professionals at Esri UC.

To find sessions for your industry, click here.

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How to Be a Star at Esri UC, Win 10K and Maybe Save the World

Chris Thomas, Esri’s Director of Government Markets, talks about the Climate Resilience App Challenge—what it is and why you should get involved.

Q: Who can participate in Esri’s Climate Resilience App Challenge?
A: You don’t have to already be a developer or a user of ArcGIS. This challenge is open to anyone who wants to try to save the world. Esri is offering its ArcGIS platform—including maps, apps, services, and APIs.

Chris Thomas hopes you can save the world–and attend Esri UC.

Q: What prompted this app challenge?
A: We want to support President Obama’s Climate Data Initiative, encouraging tech innovators to use data about climate change risks and impacts in compelling ways to help citizens, businesses, and communities makes smart choices in the face of climate change.

Q: How can people use ArcGIS to help address climate change?
A: With ArcGIS, people can help answer important questions related to climate change. For example: How are changes in weather patterns going to impact the world? How do we start preparing for these changes? What makes cities more resilient to climate change? Climate impacts reach beyond crops and wildlife—what can city planners do to rethink infrastructure design? What impacts will climate have on public health and what do health care providers need to do to adapt?

Q: Let’s talk prizes. What can people win?
A: Esri will provide up to three winners with cash prizes, starting with $10,000 for First Place. If your organization is unable to receive cash prizes, Esri will provide the equivalent value in software. Plus, the winning apps will be featured at Esri International User Conference in front of more than 16,000 ArcGIS users.

Q: What sort of apps is Esri looking for?
A: The sky is the limit. Apps may help communities prepare for, react to, and recover from severe events caused by climate, or enable everyday changes to reduce our carbon footprint. They could address challenges in public safety, transportation, economic development, healthcare, and more. Apps will be judged on the creative and effective use of data, Esri apps, maps, services, and APIs.

Q: What’s the next step for someone who wants to enter?
A: Visit www.esri.com/climate-app. From there you can learn all about the challenge, how to enter, where to find Esri developer tools. Keep in mind, the deadline is June 2.

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Steve Palmer: GIS Storyteller

Each year, we’re amazed at the stunning number of users that want to tell their stories at UC. Last year’s conference featured more than 900 presentations and we expect to see just as many this year. One of those 900 will likely be Steve Palmer, who was the first person to submit an abstract for a presentation.  We recently spoke with Steve to learn more about his project and why he was so motivated to tell his story at UC.

Steve Palmer

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Would Your Data Pass a Physical?

This year Esri will once again offer free, 45-minute data health checks for water/wastewater/stormwater, land records and addressing, electric and gas, roads and highways, and Community Map contributors. Industry experts will run various automated data checks on features and attributes, then provide feedback on the overall data quality.

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Maps, Maps, Everywhere

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to see at UC (aside from thousands of other geogeeks), it’s a map. Covering virtually every topic from every corner of the globe, the Esri UC features thousands of stunning and informative web maps, mobile maps, and printed maps that all beg for your attention.

The Map Gallery at Esri UC

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