Early Bird Registration Ends January 16!

Did you know that the early bird rate for the Esri UC ends on January 16?  Not a lot of time if you haven’t registered, but totally worth registering early if you are planning on coming to the UC.

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You helped decide the look of the Esri UC – now come and see it!


And now is the time to register – Early Bird Registration has opened!

This is a great opportunity for you to save money and secure your spot:

  • Save $400 off the registration fee
  • Get first choice at the most popular hotels
  • Reserve a seat to popular preconference seminars
  • Apply your 2014 budget to  the 2015 UC

United we map!

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Time to vote!

It’s time to vote for your favorite Esri UC look for 2015! If you’re going to vote for one thing this year, make it this.

Which look will you choose for your EsriUC?


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Meet Another Abstract Author

Apollo Teng, the GIS Manager at Montgomery County, Maryland, submitted a paper abstract that discusses how the County enhanced their website with StoryMaps.

Apollo Teng is the GIS manager at Montgomery County

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Just the facts, Ma’am

With less than two weeks left to get your paper abstract in for the 2015 Esri UC, I thought it might be interesting to look at some statistics from last year.

Number of papers submitted by the final deadline: 1367

Number of tracks: 100

Paper submissions from different countries: 80

Countries leading in paper submissions:

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Germany
  7. Italy
  8. Tie: South Africa, The United Kingdom
  9. New Zealand
  10. The Netherlands
  11. Colombia
  12. Tie: Japan, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia

It’s time for you to submit your abstract! What are you waiting for? Become a part of this truly international conference.

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GeoPeep Chat with Jonah

With the UC Call for Papers deadline fast approaching EsriUC got some insight from a past presenter on why he submitted an abstract this year.

We cornered Jonah Adkins who works with Esri Platinum Partner Geographic Information Services, Inc.. Jonah was one of the first to submit an abstract for this year’s Call for Papers.

Jonah blog.png

Jonah Adkins: Might be afraid of monster movies, but not of presenting in front of his geopeers.

Here is how our conversation went down:

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Bring it On!

The papers, that is! Your paper, to be specific. This is your time to bask in your own glory, make your mark, be all you can be – and you can make it happen at the Esri UC! The Call for Papers just opened. Don’t miss this chance to highlight your work. Submit an abstract before it closes on October 31, 2014.

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A Marketing Student in a Geogeek’s World

By Katherine Desy, Syracuse University Class of 2015

Katherine Desy poses at Esri UC with Mapgirl.

I am one of Esri’s 105 summer interns. I work in the Strategic Marketing Department in Redlands. Currently I am preparing to go back to school for my senior year at Syracuse University where I will finish my bachelor’s degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. To sum up my internship, all I can say is…incredible.

Interns were given the opportunity to travel for a day down to the Esri User Conference which is probably something we were most looking forward to. I was lucky enough to spend two days in San Diego taking pictures, interviewing conference Student Assistants, and just enjoying what Esri UC has to offer. Obviously, having started at Esri a month and a half before the conference, I heard a significant amount about what it was like. I had an idea of what to expect, but I didn’t quite realize the magnitude until I got to San Diego. Here are a few of my observations:

  1. Even if you know next to nothing about GIS, the conference is still wicked cool. I sat in on a technical session that talked about using Esri Maps for Office. Even with little working knowledge of ArcGIS, I will now be able to use maps in my word documents, excel spreadsheets, and presentations. And let me say, I do a LOT of presentations at school, so now I can blow people away with my interactive maps!
  2. Just walking around the conference, especially in the exhibit halls, you get a real sense of how cool GIS is. I saw flying drones, a giant display of sea-level temperature, 3D adventures using the Oculus Rift, and so much more. Coming into Esri, I had no idea the kind of impact GIS had on the world. But seeing everything at the conference made me realize GIS is pretty much everywhere you look and that’s pretty neat.
  3. As someone who wants to be in the marketing field, I found the Tapestry Segmentation booth to be fascinating. The Location Analytics team at Esri has classified US neighborhoods into 67 unique segments based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. For someone in marketing, sales, retail or virtually any business that deals with customers, this package is the epitome of useful. There’s even an app that breaks down the types of people based on ZIP code (and by street block if you have an ArcGIS subscription). You can literally receive data down to the block level for anywhere in the country. To me, that’s mind-blowing. Whether or not I end up at Esri full time in a year, I will certainly be using the Tapestry for the rest of my life.

I hope everyone else had a great time at Esri UC! Maybe I’ll be back again next year to write another guest post, but as a full-time employee.


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How Sharing Data Can Protect Lives

When people think about GIS for national security, they usually think of maps or apps showing potential threats, chemical plumes, resource locations, or natural hazards. But at the 2014 Esri National Security Summit, July 12-15 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, the enduring message wasn’t about technology. It was about collaboration.

2014 Esri National Security Summit

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“How May I Help You?”

From customers to CxOs, Starbucks delivers world-class service

More than 70 million customers stop at a Starbucks coffee shop somewhere in the world every week. Customers are the center of what this company does—it has spent over 40 years building relationships, creating a place for communities, conversations, and connections. Everyday Starbucks strives to provide a world-class customer experience in its coffee houses.

The company’s corporate IT department shares this same mission—to provide business customers with world-class business intelligence and information products. Whether it’s coffee or IT, the customer is at the center of what they do.

How is Starbucks able to do this successfully? Laurence Norton, Starbucks’ business intelligence leader focused on strategy and solution delivery, explained at the Esri UC Plenary:

“At Starbucks, we came to the realization that one size does not fit all, whether it’s coffee or IT. For our business customers, this means a location strategy that includes everything from web maps to applications, and everything in between.”

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