Get in the (startup) zone at EsriUC

Don’t miss the Esri Startup Zone (SUZ) in Hall D on the expo floor. This is a unique area hosted by the Esri Startup Program,, featuring the work of 35 up-and-coming businesses who have integrated spatial functionality within their products as well as for their own organizational understanding and optimization.

The startup zone at EsriUC 2014. This year, visit the zone and take part in the same great energy, see innovative ideas and connect your company with some out-of-the-box solutions. (Can you find Jack in this photo?)

You can benefit from their knowledge and experience as you interact with CEO’s, Technical Leads, Developers, and a wide range of specialists who will present their innovative solutions and showcase their many projects. Join this passionate community and learn how they are leveraging GIS for their business and how it can benefit you. Some examples include:

Don’t miss the startup zone featuring 35 up-and-coming businesses in the GIS Expo.

How long has the startup area been going on at the UC?

2012 was the first year of the Startup Zone with 10 startups exhibiting. In 2013 we grew it to 18. In 2014 it grew to 28 and moved to Hall D (near registration area), where we’ll be located again this year. This year 40 startups will be exhibiting throughout the expo. The look and feel of the Startup Zone continues to evolve and this year will be the best yet.  The array of product categories that the startups cover keeps growing too. This year we have startups doing drones, 3D mapping, social media mapping, smart glasses, and more!

 How long has Esri had a Startup Program? 

The program was founded in 2012 by SJ Camarata, Esri Director and Myles Sutherland, Previous Program Manager. Now, Kurt Daradics, Program Manager and Katie Decker, Community Manager oversee the Esri Startup Program for emerging businesses.

What constitutes a startup?

The program is in its current state is focused on startups building products (e.g hosted web and mobile apps vs. consulting service businesses). Qualifications include:

  • Building software products (not consulting services).
  • Founded no more than three years ago.
  • Generating less than $1M dollars in annual revenue at the time of program entry.

What is the program offering? 

The Esri Startup Program is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them three years of free access to ArcGIS online services, software development tools, ready-to-use content, training, technical support, global partnership opportunities, and co-marketing to help entrepreneurs build location and mapping into their product and business.

What are the qualifications to join? 

  • Building software products (not consulting services).
  • Founded no more than three years ago.
  • Generating less than $1M dollars in annual revenue at the time of program entry.

Why does Esri think this is an important program?

Esri is committed to the startup community. ­­­­As a company that was once a startup, Esri understands the challenges emerging businesses face to quickly bring products to market and developing customers. Esri invests heavily in R&D to support developers and startups. We offer, where developers and startups can go to quickly create an account and begin using ArcGIS tools. With dedicated product documentation and code samples on we have set the stage for a highly scalable developer program. And now that we have launched to empower entrepreneurs and developers that are building commercial apps to get to market much quicker, and ultimately bring extended innovation into areas.

Why should attendees engage with startups?

Today, startups do more than influence mainstream culture. They fundamentally change the way we operate our organizations. With intense pressure on organizations to innovate and do more with less, Esri startups are delivering powerful solutions with intuitive interfaces that extend the ArcGIS platform.

How can people follow Esri Startup Program?

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