Catch the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization and more at Esri UC

Come Curious, Leave Inspired

Visit the Esri UC Nonprofit Showcase Tuesday, July 21 through Thursday, July 23 in Exhibit Hall A, Area 10, Ground Level.

Among the hundreds of workshops, exhibits, and demonstrations at the 2015 Esri UC, there’s one place where you’re guaranteed to witness the incredible impacts of GIS. The Nonprofit Showcase located in Area 10 will offer you a window into the lifework of 44 organizations from throughout the globe that are applying geography to make the world a better place.

You’ll see how non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, research institutions, and other groups use GIS to protect wildlife habitats, conserve our oceans and waterways, combat climate change, and much more. Many of the participating organizations will provide technical demonstrations of their work in humanitarian, conservation, historic preservation, and sustainable development.

Come, explore, and interact with scientists, researchers, resource management professionals, and a wide range of specialists who will present their innovative geospatial solutions. Learn how these organizations and others are turning their ideas into action and making a real difference:

  • Discover how the Marine Conservation Institute applies geography to track global marine protection for the ocean’s most important places.
  • Get an inside look into how the World Health Organization, NetHope, and GISCorps utilized the ArcGIS platform to streamline relief communications and efforts during the Ebola crisis.
  • Hear how Direct Relief integrates the latest GIS technology to help thousands of people in need of immediate medical aid.
  • Learn how applied geography aids The Nature Conservancy in preserving our most precious resource – drinking water.
  • Delve into NatureServe’s massive GIS project in which the network of scientists and conservation activists mapped more than 1,600 ecosystems and analyzed 70,000 species.
  • And much more from international organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, and The Jane Goodall Institute.

For more information about these and related activities at the Esri UC, check out the nonprofit and global organizations agenda.



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