Your presentation? Nailed It.

Presentation Success: It’s All About Preparation

No need to worry – expert help is available so you can give your best presentation ever.

Are you presenting a paper session or technical workshop at this year’s Esri UC? Are you excited to share your work? Or, like a lot of people, are you feeling a bit nervous about speaking in a room full of people you’ve never met?

Studies show that public  speaking is one of the most common human fears. In fact, some people report being more afraid of public speaking than of dying. As the UC fast approaches, we do hope you’re feeling excited about sharing your work with peers.

But for those of you who may be feeling nervous about your presentation, know that the best way to have a great presenter experience is to be prepared. To help with this, the Speaker Resource Center will be open Monday at noon and runs through Thursday in the San Diego Convention Center. The check-in desk for the Center is open Sunday and throughout the week starting at 10:30am. Here you can reserve a time to work on your presentation, so you don’t miss any of the other amazing activities happening at the UC.

The center is staffed by an experienced cadre of Esri instructors, who know a thing or two about presentation success since their full-time job is teaching ArcGIS best practices to classrooms full of people they’ve never met. Bring your PowerPoint presentation with you on a laptop or Flash drive and an instructor will review it—slide by slide—with you. Expect to receive practical feedback on your slides and demos, and learn tips that will help you deliver an engaging session your audience will be glad they attended.

Laptops, printers, computers, and projectors are also available for your use. There’s even a small, private section where you can practice presenting out loud (yes, you need to do this). Practicing your delivery will give you confidence, and having confidence will help you relax and focus on the fun fact that your audience is really interested to hear what you have to say.

You, after giving the best presentation ever!

We hope your presentation is the highlight of your UC week.

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