Esri and SAP—A New Frontier in Decision Analytics

At the 2014 Esri UC, SAP and Esri announced continued progress toward our goal of deeply integrating GIS solutions with SAP platforms and enterprise applications through shared innovation across the SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI), and SAP Mobile platforms.

Here are a quick review of what has been done, an overview of available resources, a look at which industries are using the integration, highlights of new releases, and a glimpse of what’s next.

What We Learned about the Way Enterprises Used SAP and Esri Technologies in 2013

Data + Geography = Maximized Efficiency, Improved Productivity, and Streamlined Decision-making

By visualizing real-time data with its geographic context, we have been able to offer an analytics platform for faster, more accurate decision making. In 2013, we expanded the integration of SAP and Esri technologies across several key product platforms:

  • SAP HANA: Native support for spatial data types and function in SAP HANA spatial.
  • Cloud: Launch of ArcGIS Online geo-content and mapping services SDK on SAP HANA Marketplace so developers can quickly create & deploy spatial web applications.
  • Analytics: Bring Esri mapping, spatial analysis, and data enrichment to Lumira and your dashboards via Design Studio or SAP dashboards.

Data + Geography = Improved Business Processes and Transformed Customer Interactions

As 2013 brought continued advancements in ready-to-use data applications and always-on devices, we increased efforts in several areas to accelerate workflows and reduce costs:

  • Mobile: Enabling your mobile work force to rapidly assess and respond to work orders by visualizing and analyzing assets and work orders on maps in disconnected and connected environments.
  • Business applications: Introducing location into management, operational, and support business processes transforms them, providing faster and more accurate and actionable outcomes.

A Library of Resources—Discover the Latest Demos and Videos

The following demos and videos will help provide additional insights into how to use data and geography within your enterprise:

SAP GEO.e @ the Dutch Province of Noord Brabant

GEO e Work Order

SAP HANA and Esri ArcGIS Online

SAP Work Manger Mobile and ArcGIS Runtime

Visualization with SAP Lumira – Geomaps with Esri

Where in the World Are the Joint SAP and Esri Users?

Take a look at Esri and SAP customers within different vertical industries that are putting the power of real-time insights and geography to work around the world.

Pushing the Frontier in Decision Analytics

The work in 2013 was just the start for how we see the use of time and space in decision making. At the 2014 Esri UC, we offered the following new key releases to our partnership:

Esri ArcGIS Native Processing in SAP HANA

Last year, SAP added native high-performance processing of spatial data to the SAP HANA platform. Now, SAP and Esri have delivered new functionality to help business users, GIS analysts and developers be more productive. Business users can run complex spatial queries on massive volumes of data in real-time using SAP HANA via Esri Query Layers. This functionality works to accelerate location analytics because ArcGIS executes queries natively on SAP HANA closer to where the data resides.

Integration of Geospatial Analytics With SAP Lumira® Software and SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence Suite

Today’s announcement also includes an extension of the SAP and Esri partnership to include geospatial analytics from ArcGIS Online within SAP Lumira, the SAP solution for agile visualization. This innovation, available now, will help customers leverage existing ArcGIS for Server and online Esri maps inside business intelligence tools from SAP, enabling users to visualize data on a map to help see new patterns and trends.

Read the full announcement.

The Road Ahead

Customers are driving the innovation agenda for both Esri and SAP and are telling us to combine the power of both the real-time platforms, SAP HANA and Esri. We believe our strong technology and co-innovation will not just break the silos between business and GIS data but also launch breakthrough innovations. Esri and SAP will work closely with our ecosystem partners to scale up and help customers realize immediate value. We will keep updating via blogs and announcements. Stay tuned!

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