Esri 30/30: Where the Streets Have No Name—GIS is Helping Identify Addresses in Rwanda’s Capital City

Today’s Story: Kigali City Street Addressing Project

Today we journey to Kigali, the capital and largest city of Rwanda with a population of almost one million. Here, the streets did not have names, and the houses did not have numbers. Needless to say, this creates a great challenge for land administration.

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At Esri UC, Cedric Umuhire of the city of Kigali, will show how he and his GIS team resolved the problem by assigning names to streets and numbers to houses. Installation of signpost of street names and house number plates is on-going. They used aerial photos as raster data, parcel shapefiles, and field data collection to build a complete and accurate database. Cedric’s presentation is part of the moderated paper session: Topics In Land Administration.

Hear from Cedric, and hundreds of other GIS professionals at Esri UC.

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