Lightning Talks Enlighten Listeners

On Monday afternoon GIS vendors and users gathered to share projects, applications, tools, and tips.  The rule: Keep your presentation under 5 minutes.

From the lyceum of lightning talks, UC attendees presented these topics:

  1. Citizen scientists collecting wildlife photos via an app using Python.
  2. Transportation planners in Christchurch New Zealand rerouted buses after an earthquake.
  3. Geo- fence tool monitors sensors and triggers notifications that support product messaging. Taqtile
  4. Motion controller similar to the Connect gaming tool reads gestures to interact with map. GISi
  5. Mapping paintable surfaces using LiDAR and 360 degree photography.
  6. Automatically searching text PDF for location names, attaching coordinates to create a map index.
  7. Creating a GIS Web Credit account map.  issi-GIS
  8. Making great maps using ArcMap.  GISi
  9. Using GIS for parental intelligence through real time information, geo-fences, and location tracking
  10. Using an iPhone to locate water features in the desert.
  11. Mapping the conference with an indoor app that uses positioning for locating booths, floor plans, POI, and routing. GISi
  12. Tips for having an efficient meeting.
  13. Analyzing location and value of biomass for energy. University of Alaska
  14. Tracking maritime vessel movement for the United States Coast Guard.
  15. Using GIS cloud.
  16. The European location framework Europa Technologies. Esri UK
  17. Using Landsat satellite imagery on web/mobile apps.   Exelis VIS
  18. Finding hidden data.  Con Terra GmbH
  19. Alternative approaches to acquiring high resolution imagery. University of Wisconsin
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