Would Your Data Pass a Physical?

This year Esri will once again offer free, 45-minute data health checks for water/wastewater/stormwater, land records and addressing, electric and gas, roads and highways, and Community Map contributors. Industry experts will run various automated data checks on features and attributes, then provide feedback on the overall data quality.

At the 2012 Esri UC, the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota took advantage of the free data health checks to assess its GIS data quality. City GIS professionals report that the health checks have led to increased data quality, integrity, and confidence in their data.

“We were able to easily apply what we learned,” said Lauri B. Sohl, GIS analyst for the City of Sioux Falls. “We use topology rules and geometric networks, but given our time limit, we wanted information about the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension—how it would help us identify which datasets had geometry or attribute issues and to what extent.”

By participating in the data health checks, Sohl said she learned about the types of checks she could perform with ArcGIS Data Reviewer, and how simple it was to use the extension.

“We were introduced to the ArcGIS Data Reviewer which then allowed us to take a huge project, break it into manageable pieces, and prioritize the most urgent problems,” Sohl said.

City GIS professionals now perform regular data checks on the datasets that are maintained within the GIS Department. They perform checks when there may be a problem with a feature class. For example, if a map service is throwing data related errors in ArcGIS for Server, they will follow up with the standard ArcGIS Data Reviewer checks in addition to checking the geometry.

Checking Your Data at UC

Bring a sample of your data in a file or personal geodatabase. An Esri industry expert will perform a diagnostic using the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension to assess overall data quality. Esri staff will provide an explanation of the key data checks. If errors are detected, they will review concerns with you. The error features (captured in a separate geodatabase) and an Excel report will be provided.

The health checks are offered during Esri Showcase hours: July 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and July 11 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Schedule an appointment by emailing datareviewer@esri.com.

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