The Cutting Edge of Geospatial Storage

The Esri UC features more than 300 exhibitors and sponsors across a range of industries. We recently spoke with Richard Kershaw of Cutting Edge Networked Storage, a longtime Esri partner, to learn more about Cutting Edge and what they will be doing at the UC.

Esri: Hi Richard, can you tell me a little bit about what you do at Cutting Edge?

Richard Kershaw: Sure. I’m the director of sales for Cutting Edge Network Storage. We’re a customer focused data storage solutions provider that’s based in El Cajon, California. We’re about 15 miles east of the San Diego Convention Center, where the Esri UC is held each year.

Esri: What does Cutting Edge specialize in?

Richard: We provide custom, enterprise-class server and storage solutions. We have a comprehensive line of Windows- and Linux-powered ArcGIS products including the Data Appliance for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Servers, and SQL Database Servers for the GIS community. We’ve been developing fault tolerant and fully redundant storage systems and appliances for government and enterprise-level customers since 1992.

Esri: What is Cutting Edge’s relationship with Esri?

Richard: We’re a silver partner and manufacturer of Esri  solutions starting with the Data Appliance for ArcGIS, as well as Windows and Linux Enterprise Servers for ArcGIS. Our ArcGIS based solutions support customers in a wide range of industries, from energy companies and state and local governments to the Department of Defense, Department of Interior, and other federal agencies. We also support a full suite of international customers.

We also have the ability to modify any of our standard hardware platforms to accommodate specific customer requirements, including extended warranty and support options on all our solutions.

Esri: Is your team working on any new products at the moment?

Richard: We actually just added a new appliance called the ArcGIS for Imagery Data Management Appliance. It’s a scalable platform for loading, managing, and distributing imagery across an organization and provides both dynamic and cached imagery services. We designed it for customers that need to get their imagery into an operational state very quickly. The appliance features a central repository for imagery content, including the data from Esri’s World Small-Scale collection, and it extends the capabilities of ArcGIS for desktop, mobile, and server environments. It combines high end server/storage hardware and software architectures and can scale processing across multiple CPUs to more quickly transform imagery into web-enabled services. Finally, the appliance includes nine days of Esri Services for installation and configuration.

Esri: Will you be showing this at UC?

Richard: We’ll certainly be available to discuss this new appliance with anyone that’s interested, but we’ll actually be bringing our latest 36-bay 4U Data Appliance for ArcGIS that’s loaded with Esri’s Premier Collection v 5.1. We’ll also showcase our Edgeware ZFS storage solution in booth #616. We encourage anyone that’s interested in learning more out storage and server solutions to stop by and meet with our system engineers.

Esri: As an Esri partner, do you think it’s important to attend the Esri UC?

Richard: Absolutely. Not only does the UC give us the chance to showcase our latest products and services to one of the world’s largest gatherings of GIS professionals, we also get some face time with a large number of international customers and distributors that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise meet.

Esri: How many times have you and Cutting Edge been to UC?

Richard: I’ve personally attended the conference six times and Cutting Edge has had a presence there the past five years. I actually attended my first user conference by myself to discover the world of GIS and learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

Esri: That’s great to hear. Finally, what’s your favorite UC memory?

Richard: I’ll never forget my astonishment upon seeing just how large the UC was the first time. The diversity of the folks that attend the conference is just incredible. There are very few companies that could put on a conference of this scale for an entire week that’s devoted to their customers, but Esri has always done a superb job.

This post was published as part of Cutting Edge’s sponsorship agreement with Esri.

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