We’ve Got an App for That!

Visit the Apps Island in the Esri Showcase to learn more about how our ready-to-use apps and Runtime SDKs help you improve operations and make better business decisions. You’ll be able to test-drive Esri solutions on a variety of devices and connect with our experts about ways to maximize your operations using our apps.

This year, the Apps Island is divided into several different focus areas:

  • Field Apps:  Experiment with various solutions for field-data collection and mobile mapping. Discover how to go paperless using our apps.
  • Planning and Operations: Tour an Operations Center and see how Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS delivers actionable information to stakeholders in an intuitive interface.
  • Apps for Everyone: Learn how mobile and lightweight desktop apps enable users in virtually any environment to access geographic information. Get hands-on time with the ArcGIS for iOS app and get a sneak peek at some of the new apps we’re currently working on.
  • Location-Aware Apps: Explore apps built with our various Runtime SDKs or the Geotriggers SDK. These apps focus more on the UI experience and how location can greatly enhance your existing apps.
  • Building Apps: Sit down with our development staff and learn how you can use ArcGIS Runtime SDKs to build a range of focused solutions for desktop or mobile devices.
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