Help Us Help You at UC

Technology is a big focus of research and development at Esri, but there’s also a critically important human element to our research. At this year’s UC, we’ll be conducting usability research on new designs for the Esri and ArcGIS websites—and we want you to participate.

Usability research helps us identify design problems early and allows us to create better experiences for our users. If you’re going to be at the conference, schedule a time slot with us and see for yourself just how this type of research works. Our goal is to see how you interact with our websites and products, and we’ve designed a set of scenarios to help us collect quantitative and qualitative information.

So if you’re interested in Human-Computer Interaction research, or you just want to help us improve our efforts, we hope you’ll sign-up to participate in this year’s study. We’ll be conducting our research just outside of the Esri Showcase.

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