Tips for Creating a Presentation to Inspire

We get it. Public speaking intimidates a lot of people, and when you factor in the more than 15,000 geogeeks who attend UC, the idea of giving a presentation about GIS would give even the most seasoned speaker some pause.

With that in mind, we reached out to some of our most highly rated speakers from last year’s UC. We wanted to share how they approached their presentations and pass along any advice that might resonate with you.  Aside from directly encouraging you to submit an abstract (nearly every presenter said you should go for it, even if you’re a first-timer), here are some concrete tips we collected.

“You’re best served by attempting to open up dialogue about critical problems that you’d like to engage others in solving. The best thing about the UC is the remarkably talented, and genuinely vast, global community which it convenes. Take advantage of that expertise!”


–Andrew Schroeder, Director of Research and Analytics at Direct Relief Inernational

“Think about a topic you’d like to see a presentation on and prepare a talk on that. I was disappointed by past discussions on GIS for renewable energy, so I submitted a presentation about using GIS to improve prospecting for commercial wind energy development sites.”


–Kristin Hart, GIS Consultant

“Think about any past work you’ve done and determine if it’s applicable to other people. Don’t forget that you need to find something about your project that other people would want to know. Whether it’s a technical hurdle you’ve overcome, a new workflow or process, or new research, that’s the piece you should build your presentation around.”


–Dillon Fitch, GIS Analyst at HDR

What are you passionate about? Submit your abstract by October 26 and tell your story at the Esri UC.

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