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Is my display adapter causing issues with ArcMap?

It is difficult to troubleshoot serious problems with any type of software. When faced with repetitive and persistent crashing, it is important to ask yourself questions like, “Does the problem occur on multiple machines?”, “Does this occur for every user on a machine?”, and “Is the problem specific to certain data?” One of the more common reasons that ArcMap may repeatedly crash is when there are issues with the display adapter. An easy way to check if your display adapter is causing problems is to temporarily disable the adapter to see if that resolves the issue. Continue reading

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ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP2 QIP Windows 2008 MrSID Patch Released

The ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP2 QIP (Desktop, Engine, Server) Windows 2008 MrSID Patch is now live at the Resource Center. The patch addresses these two issues:

  • When using MrSID raster data in the Windows 2008 operating system can cause the application to crash.

  • Removing JPEG 2000 raster format data from the ArcMap table of contents in Windows 7 can cause the application to crash.

For more details and to download the patch, please visit:


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