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A Survey: Your Esri Online Support Resources

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Here at Esri Support, our goal is to provide you with a world-class support experience and ensure your success with the ArcGIS Platform–one element of this experience is online support.

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My Experience with ArcGIS for Desktop Licensing


Coming to Esri (and to California) for the first time four months ago as a very hopeful intern, I was excited at the prospect of completing a project that would have a meaningful impact on those who use ArcGIS for Desktop products. … Continue reading

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wiki.GIS.com has been Upgraded

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As with any resource, ease of usability is a big factor (at least for me). Well, wiki.GIS.com has been upgraded to do just that – increase the ease of usability. With the newly upgraded wiki, you can now use the editing toolbar to assist you in creating and editing pages. There is a lot of functionality within the editing toolbar – from changing the text to bold and adding internal or external links to creating references and even seeing a preview or the changes made to the page. See the screen shot below for a more detailed look at the editing toolbar:

editing toolbar
The editing toolbar with the Advanced functionality opened

The search functionality has also been improved with this upgrade. Now, when you search for a word or some letters within a word, a drop-down menu appears to assist you in either finding the exact word you are looking for or allows you to select the “containing… ” to return pages containing those letters.

search functionality
Example: wiki.GIS.com Search drop-down

Overall, the usability of wik.GIS.com has been improved and will continue to improve as we move forward. As is the nature of wiki, there is always work to do and ways in which to make it better – both functionally and content-wise. If you have not had a chance to see wiki.GIS.com, create an account, or add some of your GIS knowledge, feel free to join the wiki.GIS.com community and help us to continue to make this an excellent resource for all levels of people using and interested in GIS.

If you are looking for a place to collaborate and share your ideas with other people on the wiki, you can always use the Discussion Room, which is accessible within the ‘Site Management’ links along the left-hand side of any wiki page or create a discussion on a particular wiki page by using the ‘Discussion’ tab.

We are always looking for feedback. To send feedback, click the feedback link located on the bottom of each wiki page or just send us an email to admin@wiki.gis.com.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded wiki and look forward to seeing you around.

-Collin W., wiki.GIS.com Administrator

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Wiki.GIS.com is Starting to Develop a Community

wiki.gis.com logo

Merriam-Webster defines community as “a body of individuals organized into a unit or manifesting usually with awareness some unifying trait”.

With this definition in mind, it can be said that wiki.GIS.com is developing a community. Our “unifying trait” is GIS or knowledge and awareness of GIS and its many uses.

With an increase in users comes the creation and editing of wiki pages. By looking at the recent changes to wiki.GIS.com, you can see that the creation and editing processes have involved some collaboration amongst users. Collaboration and a wiki go hand-in-hand, so it is good to see a community formulating and collaborating within wiki.GIS.com.

Upon the launch of wiki.GIS.com, GIS Lounge posted a blog with an approximation of the number of content pages at that time and an invite to add your knowledge of GIS to wiki.GIS.com. It is always great to see the community get involved with spreading the word and creating some chatter.

Since the launch of wiki.GIS.com there have been about 75 content pages added and a few new users are creating accounts every day. As I have found out through browsing, adding to and editing the wiki, it can be fun and it is always a learning experience. Jump in head first and see what or how you can contribute to wiki.GIS.com.

- Collin W., SCN Blog Content manager, ESRI Support Services

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