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A Survey: Your Esri Online Support Resources

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Here at Esri Support, our goal is to provide you with a world-class support experience and ensure your success with the ArcGIS Platform–one element of this experience is online support.

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What’s HOT?! Popular Esri Technical Articles for 10.0

The quest to install, upgrade and license

Some of our most popular technical articles so far this year have been on topics involving installations, upgrades and licensing at ArcGIS 10.0. To help you navigate the ever-expanding knowledge base, I’ve gathered up some of the popular articles for the 10.0 release. Check these out, and you might run across something that you didn’t already know about.


FAQ:  Where can I find information about ArcGIS 10.x licensing?

FAQ:  Has Licensing changed in ArcGIS 10.X?

HowTo:  Authorize ArcGIS Desktop 10 Single Use online

HowTo:  Authorize ArcGIS License Manager 10 offline (by way of email or file upload)

HowTo:  Deauthorize ArcGIS Desktop and Engine Single Use licenses after uninstalling the software

HowTo:  Activate and authorize the ArcGIS Desktop 10 Evaluation software for the Education and Esri Press Edition

FAQ:  Are ArcGIS Desktop 10 extensions available through an evaluation trial license?


HowTo:  Download, extract, and install ArcGIS Desktop 10

HowTo:  Download, extract, uninstall, install, and authorize ArcGIS License Manager 10

FAQ:  Why is the Upgrade Geodatabase button on the geodatabase property page disabled after installing ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 1?

FAQ:  Is a geodatabase upgrade necessary after installing ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2?

Bug: After upgrading from ArcGIS Server 9.x to ArcGIS Server 10, logs do not display in ArcGIS Server Manager

-Melissa J., Geodata Team – Charlotte, NC

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Search Results Feedback Brings Changes

We’re making some changes to our support site search, based on user comments, to enhance the overall experience on the site.

Effective immediately, you can experience the following update in our search at http://support.esri.com/.

Less omitted results: While searching for commonly-used terms, you may have previously seen a message: “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries…” (see the image below).

We have made this update to the Search Engine Results Page, enabling all results to  be shown for the following repositories:

  • ArcScripts

  • Bugs

  • Data Models

  • Technical Articles

  • Patches and Service Packs

  • Product Documentation

  • Samples and Utilities

  • White Papers

Our belief is that this update will vastly improve the search experience for our users and will also help you find what you’re searching for quicker. We’ll consider removing this filter for all repositories, depending on the future feedback we receive.

Want more changes? Use that feedback button because we are listening. Also, keep an eye on the Esri Support site, because we’ve got plenty of other enhancements coming soon!

- Esri Support Services

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