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Introducing a new comprehensive code search on support.esri.com

Esri provides code samples and scripts for our users. These code samples and scripts can be used as templates; they can be used to develop customized apps; they can enhance your current GIS implementation, and much more! These code samples and scripts are currently uploaded and stored in many different places online such as ArcGIS Resources, ArcGIS Online Gallery, support.esri.com, and GitHub.

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Updates and New Features on the Esri Support Search

We’ve made changes to the Esri Support Website to improve the way you search and select results.  The idea is to make it faster and easier for you to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems online.


  • Results viewing area increased from 33% to 66% requiring less scrolling to get to results
  • Search Filters moved to left-hand panel to increase usable area
  • Number of Search Filters reduced from 18 to 12 to focus on those items that will return results pertaining to your question or problem
  • Search FAQ is more robust and easier to find

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Update to the Esri Support Search

This is a test caption

We have updated the search appliance on the Esri Support website. The search appliance now looks through the contents of PDF documents, such as white papers and service pack announcements, when performing a search. This means that it will be … Continue reading

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Search updates on support.esri.com

We are making a few changes on the Support site search to create a more complete experience for users like you. These changes are currently available in our search at http://support.esri.com/.

In our latest update, we added search results from both Wiki.GIS.com and our Ideas Submission Portal.

Wiki.GIS.com is an encyclopedia devoted entirely to GIS information. From basic terms to more complex content, the Wiki has a wealth of information that is user-generated and is constantly being updated.

ArcGIS Ideas is a portal for users to submit ideas and improvements about Esri products, which are in turn voted on with the possibility of implementation. This gives our users the opportunity to have their voices heard.

We are hoping that the addition of these two sites in our Search results will give users more options to find the content they are searching for.

As always, the Esri Support site is always evolving and improving, so don’t forget to hit that Feedback button with any other ideas you might have.

Online Support Resources
Esri Support Services

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More Changes to Enhance Your Experience

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the search experience on the Esri Support website, we have made a few changes we hope you’ll find enhance your user-experience on the site.

  1. We have removed the option to include ArcGIS 10 content from the search, as all version 10 content will now be included by default.

  2. While searching for a term within the GIS Dictionary, the search results page will now return all results from that repository by default instead of users having to click “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries…”. 

  3. We have also made some changes to the way we tag our content that will make it easier to find priority content. 

  4. Rating the article on the Technical Article feedback form is now optional.

Your feedback is very important to us, so if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.

Check out what other changes we’ve made recently, and keep an eye out for even more changes coming soon.

Online Support Resources Team

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Search Results Feedback Brings Changes

We’re making some changes to our support site search, based on user comments, to enhance the overall experience on the site.

Effective immediately, you can experience the following update in our search at http://support.esri.com/.

Less omitted results: While searching for commonly-used terms, you may have previously seen a message: “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries…” (see the image below).

We have made this update to the Search Engine Results Page, enabling all results to  be shown for the following repositories:

  • ArcScripts

  • Bugs

  • Data Models

  • Technical Articles

  • Patches and Service Packs

  • Product Documentation

  • Samples and Utilities

  • White Papers

Our belief is that this update will vastly improve the search experience for our users and will also help you find what you’re searching for quicker. We’ll consider removing this filter for all repositories, depending on the future feedback we receive.

Want more changes? Use that feedback button because we are listening. Also, keep an eye on the Esri Support site, because we’ve got plenty of other enhancements coming soon!

- Esri Support Services

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wiki.GIS.com has been Upgraded

wiki logo

As with any resource, ease of usability is a big factor (at least for me). Well, wiki.GIS.com has been upgraded to do just that – increase the ease of usability. With the newly upgraded wiki, you can now use the editing toolbar to assist you in creating and editing pages. There is a lot of functionality within the editing toolbar – from changing the text to bold and adding internal or external links to creating references and even seeing a preview or the changes made to the page. See the screen shot below for a more detailed look at the editing toolbar:

editing toolbar
The editing toolbar with the Advanced functionality opened

The search functionality has also been improved with this upgrade. Now, when you search for a word or some letters within a word, a drop-down menu appears to assist you in either finding the exact word you are looking for or allows you to select the “containing… ” to return pages containing those letters.

search functionality
Example: wiki.GIS.com Search drop-down

Overall, the usability of wik.GIS.com has been improved and will continue to improve as we move forward. As is the nature of wiki, there is always work to do and ways in which to make it better – both functionally and content-wise. If you have not had a chance to see wiki.GIS.com, create an account, or add some of your GIS knowledge, feel free to join the wiki.GIS.com community and help us to continue to make this an excellent resource for all levels of people using and interested in GIS.

If you are looking for a place to collaborate and share your ideas with other people on the wiki, you can always use the Discussion Room, which is accessible within the ‘Site Management’ links along the left-hand side of any wiki page or create a discussion on a particular wiki page by using the ‘Discussion’ tab.

We are always looking for feedback. To send feedback, click the feedback link located on the bottom of each wiki page or just send us an email to admin@wiki.gis.com.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded wiki and look forward to seeing you around.

-Collin W., wiki.GIS.com Administrator

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Esri Support and ArcGIS Resource Center News

The ArcGIS Resource Center and the Esri Support sites are designed to work in tandem as the go-to resources for ArcGIS users. The emphasis of each site is different however, so here’s how they work…

Resource Center

For those who want the latest product information and can’t wait to download the new products, check out the new Resource Center links at resources.arcgis.com. The newest enhancements to the ArcGIS Resource Center (due to roll out around the end of June) showcase what’s new in ArcGIS 10 and are designed to simplify your understanding of this exciting new release. ArcGIS 10-final will be available for download to everyone by the end of June.

From the ArcGIS Resource Center home page, you’ll be able to access key areas: ArcGIS Product information, Functions, User Communities and Solution Products. Along the top margin, you can find direct access to all-product online help, product-specific blogs, and the forums.

Each category has a variety of ArcGIS 10 information: the galleries (map templates, model and script tools, and imagery samples), videos, system requirements, conceptual help, and links to even more.

Support Home

The Esri Support home page has had many recent enhancements, focused on providing Support information for all-versions up to the newest due-to-release version. For example, while ArcGIS 10 is due to release, the Support site continues to provide information for 9.3.1, 9.3, and earlier versions.

Use the Support home page for direct access to these key Support areas:

  • Knowledge Base – Web Help, technical articles, white papers, GIS Dictionary, and product life-cycles

  • User Forums – previous and current

  • Downloads – ArcScripts, Patches and Service Packs, Data Models, and more

  • Software – Product information for previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Desktop Extensions, ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, and others


Efforts to optimize your search experience from both Support and Resource Center sites are getting favorable responses. While you may have a slightly different experience when initiating a search from either site, we’ve restructured the results pages, implemented a variety of post-filtering options, and (transparent to you) applied search engine optimization techniques that assist with accurate and relevant results.

On Friday morning, June 25 and after, visit ArcGIS Resource Centers and Esri Support sites. Navigate for some content, try the searches on each site, and let us know your experience. Send as many comments, as often as you’d like, to http://support.esri.com/en/feedback. Your feedback is the most valuable aspect when we deploy enhancements, because, in the end, they are changes that benefit everyone.

- Online Support Resources group, Esri Support Services

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Maximizing Your Search Returns

Esri logo

The Esri Support Services’ Online Support Resources group understands the importance of having effective search mechanisms available to sift through all of the Support areas, especially since we use our own site as a resource, just like you do. As we continue working to improve the capability of our Support site search tools, we want to make sure that when using the Support site search, you understand what the tools are actually searching and how to maximize your search results to find what you need.

General Support Site Search Tips

Here are a few general tips that may improve your search experience:

  • If you are searching for information on a released product, be sure to use the Support search tool at support.esri.com. To search for information about products in beta or pre-release, such as ArcGIS 10, use the search available at resources.esri.com.

  • When searching for information on a bug, be sure to use the complete bug number with its NIM prefix. The current search is not configured to recognize sub-string text, so you must enter, for example, NIM576784 and not just 576784.

  • Support search does not recognize or utilize search operators (such as double quotes, and, or, + or ~). The best results come from using a good combination of search terms and post-search filtering.

Post-search Filters

A quick way to fine-tune your search results is to use the search results page filters. You can easily filter content by source, and this speeds up finding what you need.

Searching Old User Forums

The old User Forums are full of valuable information. In response to feedback indicating that our old User Forum search was hard to find and use, we have made a few improvements.

  • The old User Forum content has been indexed and is now searchable.

  • You can now search the old forums (forums only) using the new search at forums.esri.com.

When searching for User Forum content, it is best to select a specific conference using the ‘Select Conference’ drop-down menu, if possible, rather than ‘Select All’ areas. This reduces the search time and narrows search results.

Remember that the forums search is limited to searching only forums. The search bar on the main Support and Resource Center pages also provides results from the old forums; however, these results are included among results from other Support areas, such as the knowledge base.

- Online Support Resources group, Esri Support Services

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    Updates from the Online Support Resources program

    ESRI logo

    As a part of the new ArcGIS 10 experience, we at the ESRI Support Services – Online Support Resources (ESS-OSR) program redesigned the Support Web site, added new Web 2.0 features for our customers to enjoy, and plan to launch more features between now and the ESRI User Conference (July 22nd, 2010). Here are the great new changes you can see and use right now:


    The new large ‘Search Support Pages’ bar helps you search existing data and find solutions easily. This ‘Search Support Pages’ bar is powered by a new Google Search Appliance (GSA), which provides an excellent search experience. Using the ‘Search Support Pages’ box is the best way to reach the resources you need.

    Keyword search results are now displayed in a new quadrant-based search page that gives you a quick glimpse of relevant search results from different data repositories: Documents, Communities, Service Packs and Patches, and Bugs. You can click on the link directly, or click on “View all … results” to view the full results of the type of resources that you want to see.

    Support Announcements

    This area provides you support-related announcements – not a marketing feed. These announcements keep you up-to-date on important bug-related announcements, patches and service packs, and new articles.

    Online Support Request

    This button opens the Web form for logging new incidents to ESRI Support Services.

    My Support Requests (currently available only to International Distributors)

    This button activates the Online Incident Management (OIM) portal, which allows you to a) create a new incident, b) see all your incidents from one centralized location, c) request escalation, d) view bugs, and e) get various reports for the Support incidents.

    This functionality is currently available only to International Distributors and will be made available to users who have a valid Support contract around the UC 2010 timeframe.

    Contact Technical Support

    This button provides links to find contact details, such as telephone numbers, incident management sites, and technical support sites as applicable for ESRI Support Services as well as for International Distributors.

    Find Resources

    This button takes you to the new ArcGIS Resource Centers, where you can find information about our products, get Web help, and see knowledge base articles. You can also navigate to the knowledge base articles by clicking on the link to KB articles under Support Center Resources.

    Other Links

    The new design also provides users easy access to other links like the Support Blog, ArcGIS Ideas, Forums, and other Support resources.

    Everyone at ESRI Support Services wants to thank you (our users) for your understanding and patience while we transition to the new Support experience. A BIG thank you goes out to our advisory group of users who helped us every step along the way by providing requirements, reviewing designs, and critiquing our work in progress.

    - Sanjay L., Online Support Resources Manager – ESRI Support Services

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