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Updating Your Enterprise Geodatabase License Just Got Easier

With the release of ArcGIS 10.4 comes a brand new geoprocessing tool that allows you to update your enterprise geodatabase license efficiently through ArcGIS for Desktop. The Update Enterprise Geodatabase License tool is now included in the Geodatabase Administration toolset in the Data Management toolbox. Continue reading

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A Non-programmer’s Guide to Troubleshooting ArcPy

My name is Andrew–you can call me Drew–and I’m a Desktop Support Analyst with Esri Support Services. If you’ve ever called us to talk about a Python issue, you’ve probably spoken to me! I get a lot of positive feedback from the people I speak with about troubleshooting Python scripts, and I’d like to share the most popular advice I have to give. Whether you’re learning to code for the first time, or just getting started with the ArcPy site package, these tips and tricks should help you get your script back on track and closer to completion. Continue reading

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Seven easy ways to start learning Python and ArcPy

I have some great news: you don’t have to be a programmer to write code! Thanks to languages like Python, coding is now available to the masses, and the GIS world is one of its newest audiences. The ArcPy site package provides access to the geoprocessing tools found in ArcGIS for Desktop. Using it can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with Python, but with some basic knowledge, you can start using it to make your ArcGIS work flows faster and easier.

This post is broken up into sections based on different learning styles. You can choose to read, watch, or code your way into the world of Python, and each section will empower you with the knowledge for getting started with ArcPy. Here are some recommended resources I’ve used for teaching myself Python and ArcPy.

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64-bit vs. 32-bit Python explained

Since ArcGIS for Server 10.1 was released, the ArcPy library has been accessible through a 64-bit platform. In addition, the 64-bit Background Geoprocessing patch was released at 10.1 Service Pack 1, which allows ArcGIS for Desktop users to utilize geoprocessing in 64-bit. This means that if you have ArcGIS for Desktop and either ArcGIS for Server or the Background 64-bit Geoprocessing Patch installed, you have two different installs of Python 2.7.

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Gathering raster properties for multiple datasets using Python

Raster Properties

Raster datasets have a large assortment of information beyond the basic pixel display. This information is stored in the properties and is helpful in understanding more about the data. Locating the properties of a raster dataset can be a tedious … Continue reading

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Getting results from your Python Add-in buttons

The new Python Add-ins for ArcGIS 10.1 bring a whole new opportunity for customizations.  The pythonaddins module provides additional functionality within add-ins that is not available in stand-alone scripts or geoprocessing script tools.  Three of these functions that allow user input or interaction are: OpenDialog, SaveDialog, and MessageBox.

Each of these functions allow information to be collected from the user.  It is up to the programmer to determine what to do with that information. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Stephanie W.


An interview with Desktop geoprocessing and Python analyst, Stephanie W. Bringing you another member of our support staff, we interviewed Stephanie who is a support analyst from the Charlotte, NC office. We talked with Stephanie about everything from her hobbies, … Continue reading

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10 Easy Ways to Tame Python Scripting in ArcGIS

Python, or even scripting in general, can seem like a scary thing to those who have no background in computer languages. Even though it might seem difficult, there are many times where automating common workflows can be very helpful in speeding up the monotonous parts of GIS that we all have to do. Continue reading
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How to Update the Location of a Point Feature and Its XY Fields

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where our boss just handed us a 100 percent accurate table of XY data so that we could generate the point feature class using the “Display XY” tool and be done?

Hey, we can dream can’t we? Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail


Let’s pretend you’ve been tasked to build a geoprocessing model to automate some of your department’s data management tasks while everyone is out of the office. Since ModelBuilder doesn’t have any magic buttons for scheduling times to run or people … Continue reading

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