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More Changes to Enhance Your Experience

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the search experience on the Esri Support website, we have made a few changes we hope you’ll find enhance your user-experience on the site.

  1. We have removed the option to include ArcGIS 10 content from the search, as all version 10 content will now be included by default.

  2. While searching for a term within the GIS Dictionary, the search results page will now return all results from that repository by default instead of users having to click “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries…”. 

  3. We have also made some changes to the way we tag our content that will make it easier to find priority content. 

  4. Rating the article on the Technical Article feedback form is now optional.

Your feedback is very important to us, so if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.

Check out what other changes we’ve made recently, and keep an eye out for even more changes coming soon.

Online Support Resources Team

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A New Look for the ArcGIS Ideas Site


Recently, you helped ArcGIS Ideas reach a few big milestones Your ideas count passed the 3,000 mark, and the vote count crossed the 50,000 mark! To celebrate your enthusiastic participation, we’re excited to bring you the new, refaced ArcGIS Ideas site.



Our existing Ideas users will see the following key enhancements:


  1. The site has a cleaner look and feel.
  2. Categories now collapse into a group for better navigation.
  3. Recent ideas, Under Consideration ideas and Implemented ideas are shown under different tabs on the home page.
  4. The community’s recent activity is shown on the home page.
  5. The “My Ideas” page provides a better representation of your activity, including the number of ideas submitted by you, as well as the number of the ideas that you’ve submitted/voted on that have moved to “Under Consideration” or “Implemented” status.

  6. We have added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will help you get answers to common questions while using Ideas.


We thank you for your continued support for ArcGIS Ideas and hope you’ll continue using this site to provide us with valuable input to improve our products and services. We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback on the site. Send this using the “feedback” link that’s on the bottom of all the Ideas pages.



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Search Results Feedback Brings Changes

We’re making some changes to our support site search, based on user comments, to enhance the overall experience on the site.

Effective immediately, you can experience the following update in our search at http://support.esri.com/.

Less omitted results: While searching for commonly-used terms, you may have previously seen a message: “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries…” (see the image below).

We have made this update to the Search Engine Results Page, enabling all results to  be shown for the following repositories:

  • ArcScripts

  • Bugs

  • Data Models

  • Technical Articles

  • Patches and Service Packs

  • Product Documentation

  • Samples and Utilities

  • White Papers

Our belief is that this update will vastly improve the search experience for our users and will also help you find what you’re searching for quicker. We’ll consider removing this filter for all repositories, depending on the future feedback we receive.

Want more changes? Use that feedback button because we are listening. Also, keep an eye on the Esri Support site, because we’ve got plenty of other enhancements coming soon!

- Esri Support Services

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Closing the Loop – eSurveys and the Voice of the Customer

There have been a couple blog posts regarding updates to our surveys, such as the post in February 2009 entitled ‘e-Surveys and the Winds of Change’ and more recently February 2010 by Monte regarding ‘eSurveys and How They Help Us and You’. This must mean that e-surveys are valued feedback from our users, right? Exactly!

You may receive an e-survey after finishing up work with one of our team members, as they are generated and sent out upon the resolution of your support incident. Members of the Support team are continually following up with users like you in order to gather additional details from feedback that was received in your survey scores and comments. I wanted to expand on how members of the management team have been and will be contacting you for more information. Since we value your feedback as our customers, we may call or e-mail you to gather further details on surveys you have recently submitted when we need clarifications on comments or specifics on below satisfactory scores.

As a group lead within Support, I can say this definitely helps us get the most out of your feedback and/or advice regarding how your most recent incident was handled. From our conversation, we can learn more about your experience and what we can do to improve our service. We try to pinpoint an area for improvement, such as within the quality of the product, online documentation, the responsiveness/communication you received from the Support Analyst, etc. We’ll take these ideas and share with other members of Support, and even other departments throughout Esri.

For example, a short comment about the product quality within your survey may lead to a phone conversation to discuss the details of your concerns. Your concern could be that the software defect was fixed at a later release or that the workaround provided doesn’t suit your business needs. Getting more details like this on the phone can help us offer more options within Support Services, such as utilizing the User Advocacy Group (UAG) as an avenue to communicate your need for a fix in an upcoming service pack or release. You can quickly see how these conversations can help us improve your experience with Support by gathering suggestions/feedback and acting on this information.

During our conversation, we may be able to give you some information regarding suggestions on moving forward or involve you in initiatives that we have in place within Support, such as the UAG program. Your advice is definitely used to promote awareness or for ideas on new initiatives to better serve you. Our goal is to help make the use of our products and services more efficient. Some recent online resources that pertain to Support that you may be using are the ArcGIS Ideas site and also the Customer Care Portal, which gives visibility on status of software defects/enhancements after they have been submitted/linked to your customer number. Information is power, and your input is helping us build stronger and more reliable products and services.

Keep those survey comments coming!

-Melissa J., Geodata Group Lead, Esri Support Services – Charlotte, NC

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Esri Support and ArcGIS Resource Center News

The ArcGIS Resource Center and the Esri Support sites are designed to work in tandem as the go-to resources for ArcGIS users. The emphasis of each site is different however, so here’s how they work…

Resource Center

For those who want the latest product information and can’t wait to download the new products, check out the new Resource Center links at resources.arcgis.com. The newest enhancements to the ArcGIS Resource Center (due to roll out around the end of June) showcase what’s new in ArcGIS 10 and are designed to simplify your understanding of this exciting new release. ArcGIS 10-final will be available for download to everyone by the end of June.

From the ArcGIS Resource Center home page, you’ll be able to access key areas: ArcGIS Product information, Functions, User Communities and Solution Products. Along the top margin, you can find direct access to all-product online help, product-specific blogs, and the forums.

Each category has a variety of ArcGIS 10 information: the galleries (map templates, model and script tools, and imagery samples), videos, system requirements, conceptual help, and links to even more.

Support Home

The Esri Support home page has had many recent enhancements, focused on providing Support information for all-versions up to the newest due-to-release version. For example, while ArcGIS 10 is due to release, the Support site continues to provide information for 9.3.1, 9.3, and earlier versions.

Use the Support home page for direct access to these key Support areas:

  • Knowledge Base – Web Help, technical articles, white papers, GIS Dictionary, and product life-cycles

  • User Forums – previous and current

  • Downloads – ArcScripts, Patches and Service Packs, Data Models, and more

  • Software – Product information for previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Desktop Extensions, ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, and others


Efforts to optimize your search experience from both Support and Resource Center sites are getting favorable responses. While you may have a slightly different experience when initiating a search from either site, we’ve restructured the results pages, implemented a variety of post-filtering options, and (transparent to you) applied search engine optimization techniques that assist with accurate and relevant results.

On Friday morning, June 25 and after, visit ArcGIS Resource Centers and Esri Support sites. Navigate for some content, try the searches on each site, and let us know your experience. Send as many comments, as often as you’d like, to http://support.esri.com/en/feedback. Your feedback is the most valuable aspect when we deploy enhancements, because, in the end, they are changes that benefit everyone.

- Online Support Resources group, Esri Support Services

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Introduction to ESRI’s User Advocacy Group

This is Mike Hogan again with some information about the ESRI User Advocacy Group (UAG) within ESRI Support Services. If you’ve been involved with Support Services over the past few years, you may have heard the acronym UAG and have been wondering what we are talking about! It’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from members of the UAG, such as, when Beth Guse was interviewed in our initial Support Center News Blog post, ‘More At The Door’, providing a sneak peak of the UAG as it was starting out in 2007.

As the new Program Manager for the User Advocacy Group, I wanted to take some time to reintroduce ourselves on this blog and let you know how we are actively networking with users just like yourself through our relationships within Support Services and Development.

Let’s start with our mission statement:

“The mission of User Advocacy Group aims to enhance the productivity of the user community by actively engaging with ESRI customers and providing feedback to shape the direction of products and enriching the quality of ESRI software and services.”

In order to accomplish our goal of helping you enhance your productivity in using our products, we have specific Support staff collecting, communicating, and prioritizing customer issues. Much of your initial communication with a Support Services Analyst will be delivered to members of our group internally in the form of software defects or enhancements. This is where all of the work of the UAG really begins!

There are Development Technical Leads (DTLs) for each technical area of the software who work on your behalf, advocating and pushing for fixes on defects/enhancements identified by customers. This is all done through the collection of information, active communication/collaboration, and lastly, the prioritization of your request. By using the feedback you deliver to Support Services while working with Support Analysts, these members of the UAG can deliver valuable feedback to the ESRI Development team members that will be taken into consideration for future software patches, service packs, and releases.


So, what can you take away from all of this? As a user of our software products, you hold the key to a lot of valuable feedback, and we want to know about it. Please let us know when you are running into a software defect/bug by submitting a support request through our website. This may be a newly discovered issue or may already be an issue that we have been tracking internally. The more users that are attached to specific items in our database, the higher priority it holds. Also, if you can tell us the Business Case behind a bug (for example, how it affects your organization on a daily basis, and why it is important to be fixed), it helps us to prioritize issues. The more we know, the more we can work on getting a fix for you.

The UAG is also spearheading a new project to collect feedback and ideas for new enhancements to ESRI Products. We just launched a new website called ArcGIS Ideas, http://ideas.arcgis.com/, where you can post your ideas, the ESRI user community can vote on them, and you can comment on and refine others’ ideas. We are actively listening to this feedback and want to start incorporating your ideas into future releases.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Mike H., Program Manager
User Advocacy Group, ESRI Support Services

Mike H., Program Manager
 Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikehogan

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Changes to the Support Site

Hello ESRI customers! Thank you for your continued feedback while we work to improve your online experience with the ESRI Support Site – http://support.esri.com. We apologize for any inconvenience the changes may have brought to your workflows. Through this blog post, I would like to apprise you of the newest changes that we are planning to implement in the next few weeks:

  1. The Support gateway page will display direct-access links to content repositories.

  2. While retaining the new look-and-feel, you’ll have fewer clicks into the databases that are within each repository.

  3. Search engine improvements:

    1. Comprehensive indexing of the data.

    2. The Search engine results page enables sorting search returns by date and by relevance.

    3. Search results will include results for only the released products. ArcGIS 10 content will be added to search results after the ArcGIS 10 launch. For those who are interested in accessing ArcGIS 10 content, go to the ArcGIS Resource Centers at http://resources.arcgis.com/.

We hope these changes will provide you an improved Web experience. Please feel free to send us your feedback and/or your ideas for improved online service:

Support website feedback: http://support.esri.com/en/feedback.

Ideas: http://ideas.arcgis.com/.

-Sanjay L., Program Manager – Online Support Resources, ESRI Support Services

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eSurveys and How They Help Us and You

Hello GIS World – Monte back again from a little blogging hiatus!

What does ESRI Support Services do with all of the comments in eSurveys? How does taking the time to fill out the eSurvey help me as a user? These may be a couple of the questions that come to mind as you are contemplating whether or not to fill out the eSurvey that is sent to you at the conclusion of your Support incident. My hope is to answer these questions for you, let you know more about eSurveys, and also how our response to the eSurveys will be changing in the future.

survey screenshot To obtain a better understanding of eSurveys and possible trends in the comments section, ESRI Support Services (ESS) recently completed a project where we analyzed 3,300 surveys, with comments from you, since the implementation of the new eSurvey back in September 2008. Survey comments were placed into two categories. The first category focused on your experience with ESRI Support Services and was separated into values that were generally positive, negative, or not applicable. We interpreted negative comments as not purely negative, but instead, areas for opportunity or improvement; we will talk more about that in a bit. The second category that the comments were placed into consisted of values including general Support feedback, analyst feedback, products, documentation, communication, solution, responsiveness, Support engagement, and scope of support.

Now to the numbers: of the ~3,300 comments received, about 2,200 contained overwhelmingly positive feedback about the support provided to you, our customers. Focusing on areas for opportunity, product feedback received the most comments, making up 33% of this feedback. This information is invaluable to us, as it helps our development team to address customer issues and concerns regarding our products. Other categories where we will use feedback to make improvements include analyst feedback and communication. We can reflect on the feedback provided by you to make changes and approach situations differently in the future – these efforts are geared to helping you achieve success with our software, as we are always looking to exceed your expectations in the support that we provide.

Overall, the results of this project reflect your perception of the quality of service provided to you based on your feedback. Most of the time the feedback is very positive; although, we sometimes receive feedback that’s tough to swallow, but that is exactly the reason why we send out surveys. While it is great to hear reinforcing and positive feedback, we are a service-based organization and need to understand your needs and seek your feedback to achieve the highest possible standards of customer service. We appreciate customers taking the time to provide feedback on the support we provide. To ensure that it is clear that we value your dedication to our continuous improvement, we will be responding to your feedback. As part of our overall customer centric vision, one of our new upcoming workflows will involve ESS actively contacting individuals based on the results of their surveys. This will give us the opportunity to better understand what we can do to improve the overall customer experience. Thank you for filling out your eSurvey, and we look forward to communicating with you more in the future.

As always, I encourage you to ask questions or leave comments in the comments section. NOTE: You must be logged into your ESRI Global Account to leave comments.

- Monte, Server Unit Manager, Support Services, ESRI

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