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The New Esri Support Website is Live!

Esri Support is pleased to introduce the new Esri Support website. The new support.esri.com has been designed with a focus on providing an improved online support experience for all users. In addition to the new product-centered navigation, there are a number of new features to help you find answers to your questions and solutions to your technical issues on the ArcGIS platform.

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Search Improvements on the New Support Site

With the launch of the new Esri Support website, you may temporarily experience a less robust search compared to that of the previous Support site. This is expected and the search experience is expected to improve significantly over the next few days.

To create a search that brings you the content you’re looking for, our new site requires time to make connections among various indexes, collections, and feeds. This process will take a few days, but in the interim, please use the site navigation to find content through the product pages or by using your preferred search engine.

Thanks for your continued support, and we’ll keep you updated as we progress!

Megan S. – Online Support Resources

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Support.esri.com Beta Launch!

Esri Support Beta website

It’s here! We have released the beta version of the upcoming Support website redesign. This is an exciting change that enhances the current capabilities of the web site, improves the organization of Support content, and modernizes the way in which you interact with … Continue reading

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Esri Support Website Design Survey


Esri is currently in the process of redesigning support.esri.com, and we are looking for some design feedback from the user community. Please take a few moments to complete the Support Design Survey to help us improve your online support experience. Click here … Continue reading

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Support.esri.com Webpage Update


On March 13th, Esri introduced a restructured menu bar to help make navigation of the website easier, and to help customers find fast solutions to their questions. The screenshots below show the menu bar changes. The new menu bar has four top level links – Services, Support and … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Released

We are pleased to announce that ArcGIS 10.1 Service Pack 1 (English only) is now available to download. This service pack provides maintenance fixes, performance improvements, software enhancements, and translation updates; all of which will improve the quality of your ArcGIS system. We recommend that you download and install this service pack at your earliest convenience.

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Subscribing to an RSS Feed for Patches and Service Packs

Have you ever wanted to know when the latest service pack or patch is available for your product package without having to check the Support Site ritually?  If you, too, have been longing for updates, check out the new RSS feeds we’ve add to the Patches and Service Packs repository on the Esri Support knowledge base. You can set up a custom RSS feed based on software and version. When a patch or service pack that meets your criteria is created, you are notified either through your internet browser or via your email client.

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Updates and New Features on the Esri Support Search

We’ve made changes to the Esri Support Website to improve the way you search and select results.  The idea is to make it faster and easier for you to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems online.


  • Results viewing area increased from 33% to 66% requiring less scrolling to get to results
  • Search Filters moved to left-hand panel to increase usable area
  • Number of Search Filters reduced from 18 to 12 to focus on those items that will return results pertaining to your question or problem
  • Search FAQ is more robust and easier to find

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Changes to the Support Site

Hello ESRI customers! Thank you for your continued feedback while we work to improve your online experience with the ESRI Support Site – http://support.esri.com. We apologize for any inconvenience the changes may have brought to your workflows. Through this blog post, I would like to apprise you of the newest changes that we are planning to implement in the next few weeks:

  1. The Support gateway page will display direct-access links to content repositories.

  2. While retaining the new look-and-feel, you’ll have fewer clicks into the databases that are within each repository.

  3. Search engine improvements:

    1. Comprehensive indexing of the data.

    2. The Search engine results page enables sorting search returns by date and by relevance.

    3. Search results will include results for only the released products. ArcGIS 10 content will be added to search results after the ArcGIS 10 launch. For those who are interested in accessing ArcGIS 10 content, go to the ArcGIS Resource Centers at http://resources.arcgis.com/.

We hope these changes will provide you an improved Web experience. Please feel free to send us your feedback and/or your ideas for improved online service:

Support website feedback: http://support.esri.com/en/feedback.

Ideas: http://ideas.arcgis.com/.

-Sanjay L., Program Manager – Online Support Resources, ESRI Support Services

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