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A Non-programmer’s Guide to Troubleshooting ArcPy

My name is Andrew–you can call me Drew–and I’m a Desktop Support Analyst with Esri Support Services. If you’ve ever called us to talk about a Python issue, you’ve probably spoken to me! I get a lot of positive feedback from the people I speak with about troubleshooting Python scripts, and I’d like to share the most popular advice I have to give. Whether you’re learning to code for the first time, or just getting started with the ArcPy site package, these tips and tricks should help you get your script back on track and closer to completion. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Amy A.


 An interview with ArcGIS Desktop analyst, and Parcel Editor / ArcPad specialist, Amy A. In our continuing series, “Getting to Know Esri Support”, we interviewed Amy who is a support analyst for the Redlands, CA office. Office – Redlands, CA Hometown … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Gaurav N.

An interview with ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server Analyst, Gaurav N.

To continue our “Getting to Know Esri Support” series, we’ve interviewed a member of the Redlands Server team. Gaurav has traveled far and is now living his dream working for Esri!. Continue reading

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Faster Resolutions Through Better Communication

Problem Steps Recorder

When helping customers troubleshoot support incidents, support analysts need to have a clear understanding of both the problem and the steps that lead to that problem.

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Todd S.

An interview with Desktop Senior Support Technical Lead, Todd S.


Before the end of the year, we wanted to introduce you to another member of our team – this time from the Charlotte office! We snapped a picture of him and his Charlie Brown tree as he reflects on his past GIS experiences and how he got to where he is today. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Shan C.

An interview with ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabase analyst Shan C.

To continue our “Getting to Know Esri Support” series, we’ve recapped our talk with Shan Chen regarding his experiences with GIS. We hope you enjoy this blog and getting to know some of the members of the Esri Support Services team! Continue reading

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Trimble GPS Analyst Extension for ArcGIS Desktop Update

Trimble has released an update for GPS Analyst v2.40 (TGA240Update003) in response to the Esri reported issue SPRT00000726462: Start Editing on GPS Analyst Toolbar Causes ArcMap to Crash.

The TGA240Update003 is available both when you install GPS Analyst for the first time (it is automatically offered as a separate download), and when you already have it installed and use the option “Check for New Updates Now”.

- Denise K.

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Getting to Know Esri Support: John G.


An interview with ArcGIS Desktop Support Analyst John G.


Hello, this is Cassandra bringing you the first blog post in a new series called “Getting to Know Esri Support”, where each month, we’ll post a new interview of a different member of Esri Support Services. We hope you enjoy!


For our inaugural interview, we will spend some time with Esri Support Services ArcGIS Desktop Support Analyst John G., who has just completed his first year with us.


Support Services Blog: Hi John, thanks for joining us.
John G.: No problem, happy to be here.


SSB: Awesome! So, to better understand the fundamentals of John G., what is your educational background and experience with GIS?
John G.: I graduated from California Polytechnic University – Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Geography - emphasis in GIS. Prior to starting at Esri, I was the sole GIS staff member for a Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Firm in Sacramento, CA. Besides making maps, I managed the inventory of spatial data and supervised the company’s GPS data collection.


SSB: Sounds cool. What brought to Esri and Support Services?
John G.: When I got out of school, I was looking for an opportunity to develop well-rounded skills. Working alone certainly gave me the opportunity to learn various tasks (geocoding, printing, symbology, basic analysis, data management, annotation, etc.), but I sometimes felt like I was attempting to re-invent the wheel.
Being at Esri is a blessing, because I can launch into a question regarding the use of a particular environment setting in the dissolve tool entirely unprovoked, and the person will know exactly what I’m talking about right away. Even better, they won’t just be humoring me with a response. The people in technical support love geography, they understand the software, and they have exceptional communication skills. This means that the only thing limiting my learning is that my brain gets full.


SSB: That happen a lot?
John G.: (laughs) There’s a lot to learn.


SSB: So, what are your favorite things to do to relax?
John G.: I love to ride my bike, whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, an overnight tour, a local criterium or going off-road. When I’m at home, I hang with my cats Ray and RayRay and enjoy reading the blog Bike Snob NYC. Some co-workers and I also recently started a Do-It-Yourself bike repair tent called “Bike BBQ” at the Thursday night Redlands Farmers Market.


SSB: I’m guessing then that if you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three things, would one be a bike repair kit?
John G.: Oh trick question. No, I think if I had to keep it to three things, I’d go for a Swiss army knife, some matches and Netflix.


SSB: But no TV upon which to watch the Netflix?
John G.: You gotta draw the line somewhere.


SSB: Gotcha. Okay, scenario: the best chef in the world is going to cook you your ultimate meal, what will you have?
John G.: Definitely some locally grown, vegan tasties. And a bottle of wine.


SSB: No bacon?
John G.: No bacon.


SSB: Just checking. If you could travel back in time to any point in history, where would you go and why?
John G.: Minneapolis, Minnesota, summer of 1981 - purely so I could see Prince and The Time.


SSB: Sweet…80’s pop music lover I see. What’s one thing that really bugs you, besides your lack of desire for bacon?
John G.: Bad honeydew.


SSB: Yikes! I’ll keep that in mind. Bringing it back to GIS, tell us about the areas of the software you enjoying supporting and/or working with here at Esri.
John G.: I’ve always been a lot more interested in workflow management and the automation of repetitive tasks than in the creation of maps. I enjoy supporting ArcPad Studio, because I really empathize with GIS users who find themselves moonlighting as GPS data collection project authors and developers. I also get really excited about the increasing role of Python in extending the functionality of our software.


SSB: Very cool. Got any final shout outs before we sign off?
John G.: Yes, thanks. I just want to give a shout out to all my friends, family and fans. Peace!


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Does the Trimble® GPScorrect™ extension for Esri ArcPad software (v3.13, 3.10, 3.02) work with ArcPad 10 release?

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The current release of Trimble® GPScorrect™ does not work with ArcPad 10.

Trimble® is working on a new version of Trimble® GPScorrect™ for ArcPad 10 and a new version of Trimble® GPS Analyst™ for ArcGIS 10. Esri is working with Trimble to continue to support customers who post-process their GPS data using Esri and Trimble® applications.

Customers who have purchased ArcPad 10 with a Trimble® device and need to post-process their data with GPScorrect™ can download ArcPad 8.0. ArcPad 8.0 is supported with GPScorrect v2.42 and later.

Contact Esri’s Customer Service to obtain a valid ArcPad 8.0 registration code.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- Denise K., User Advocacy Group Tech Lead – Esri Support Services

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