Beta Launch!

It’s here! We have released the beta version of the upcoming Support website redesign. This is an exciting change that enhances the current capabilities of the web site, improves the organization of Support content, and modernizes the way in which you interact with Esri Support.

This beta site is available as a preview of the new navigation, functionality, and design for Esri’s online support engagements. Please note that we are still completing some of the final content migration tasks, and there are a number of known issues that are being actively addressed by our development team – after all, beta does not mean “complete!” In the upcoming weeks, we will be fine-tuning the search results, product content, and downloads. During this period, the current Support website will continue to provide access to both assisted and self-support resources, so you can still contact Support if need be.

Product-Centric Navigation

A big difference from the previous website design is the new site’s product-centric navigation. Rather than separating the content by type (technical articles, web help, downloads, etc.) via several links on our current front page, the content on our new site is grouped by product. Instead of having to look in three different locations to view the content we have for our entire product library, you can select your product and version, and then you’ll get all types of content related only to that product and version. We are simply organizing the content in a way so that you won’t have to look at stuff that doesn’t apply to you.

Product headings are listed at the top of the page, and go across from left to right. If you are looking for older content, or if you do not believe it fits any of the five major categories (Desktop, Server, Online, Developers, Apps and Mobile), check the “More Products” section, or use the global search bar at the top of the home page.

Solution Finder

Another new feature is the Solution Finder, which is located on every Product page. The idea is to “find solutions” to your questions. When you have identified a product, the Solution Finder sorts our knowledge base content by topic category. For example, if you need information about the Address Locator, or you have general geocoding questions, it would be best to check Map Authoring and Visualization > Geocoding for potential solutions.

If you are unsure which category to check, you can also search the entirety of the content indexed by Solution Finder by using the Search bar.

There are several different categories to choose from, each covering a wide variety of topics related to GIS and Esri products. Kind of like an index at a library - check it out!

This web site has other new pages and web features, some of which we will discuss in future blog posts. We are excited to share this website with you, and encourage you to keep your eye on our blog channel for further developments, updates, and information related to the new Support website.

If you have any formal feedback or questions regarding the Beta Support website, please contact Thank you!

Gregory L. – Online Support Resources

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  1. jfoggia1 says:

    I am unable to reach an ArcGIS EARTH 1.1 link. I downloaded ArcGIS Earth 1.1, established a public account and attempted to use ArcGIS Earth – but no default map displays. I am operating in Windows 8.1 operating on a MacBook Pro under Parallels Desktop 10. Any redirect would be fine.

    • Greg Lehner says:

      Hi jfoggia, is your comment related to the blog post above? Please submit a ticket with Support Services at if you are having trouble working with ArcGIS Earth.

  2. hornbydd says:

    Just had a quick look at the new support page. Nice new fresh look to it and seems fairly intuitive.

    The one thing that does seem to be missing is an obvious link to ArcScripts, especially the new version that has been in “beta” release for some time now. Would be good to see support for that?