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Replicating distributed data with the ‘register with existing data’ option

With the growing need for organizations to distribute their data in remote locations, geodatabase replication can help to manage the changes made between geodatabases in different locations. When working with distributed and remote geodatabases it is often asked, “What is the best method to create and setup replicas?”

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When to use the Define Projection tool and the Project tool?

Figure 2: The units are listed as Unknown

“When do I use the Define Projection tool and the Project tool?,” we hear you ask. Well, this blog post should be able to answer your question!

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Resources for rebuilding indexes and updating statistics in an SDE geodatabase

Tuning your RDBMS is an important aspect of maintaining your enterprise geodatabase. Two tasks found in all Esri-supported RDBMS are updating DBMS statistics and rebuilding indexes. If you are loading data in bulk or running query-intensive DML operations with SQL, these tasks need to be done more often. Fortunately for us, these tasks are relatively straightforward to accomplish.

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