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Supporting Cast

Before I came to Esri, my mental image of technical support was of a few brainy analysts hunkered down in front of bright monitors on top of cluttered desks, strewn with cables and soda cans, happily clicking away down dark corridors in dimly lit offices. I imagined this was a department of autonomous people who knew everything, and the only limiting reagent to helping clients was the amount of time required to explain, and then implement the solution. This is much the same way I view car mechanics; when I have a problem, just describing the funny noises my car makes should suffice for them to diagnose and get started on the repairs. Turns out, Iā€™m wrong.

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Gathering raster properties for multiple datasets using Python

Raster Properties

Raster datasets have a large assortment of information beyond the basic pixel display. This information is stored in the properties and is helpful in understanding more about the data. Locating the properties of a raster dataset can be a tedious … Continue reading

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Support Services at the Esri International User Conference: July 8-12, 2013


The Esri Support Services team will be at the 2013 Esri International User Conference, and we will be offering appointments for your technical questions. Specialists in all areas of the software will be available to assist with your questions. Users … Continue reading

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Important deprecation announcement for ArcGIS 10.1 and the upcoming release of 10.2

Esri logo

Esri is committed to providing the best possible support for our products. Thus, we find it necessary to periodically deprecate specific functionalities and platforms (operating systems, databases, development environments, hardware, etc.) to continue delivering optimal support to our users. These … Continue reading

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Updating the license for enterprise geodatabases at 10.1

The ArcGIS Server license is missing or not valid. Please 
provide the path to an authorization file (ECP file) that 
contains a ArcGIS Server license.

Esri Developer Network (EDN) licenses, Site License Agreements (SLAs), educational site licenses, and other license agreements require that the license files for ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE enterpriseĀ geodatabases be updated upon or prior to expiration for continued use. In previous … Continue reading

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