Esri Presents ArcGIS Workspaces!

Have you ever wanted a place where you could collaborate on a good idea with members of the GIS community? Or have you ever wanted to take an idea further by developing a new solution with others who share your vision?

For those looking to take ArcGIS Ideas to the next level, Esri presents ArcGIS Workspaces!

ArcGIS Workspaces is a library of collaborative workspaces that enables members of the GIS community to work together on refining and developing good ideas. These workspaces allows users to collaborate closely together by exchanging thoughts, design documentation, code, presentations, and other files in a secure and dedicated workspace.

When you visit ArcGIS Ideas, you’ll notice a new Workspaces button with the Post and My Ideas buttons.

Clicking this new button will take you to the ArcGIS Workspaces main page. This main page displays the workspaces that are currently open. If you see a project that you would like to participate in, you can request access to join the workspace. If you are already subscribed to a workspace, you will be able to enter it through the main page as well.

Inside the workspaces, members can share, preview, and comment on files. On top of that, the workspace library supports file versioning, so you can follow the development of ideas, code, or whatever else the group is sharing. You can further engage by voting, tagging, and subscribing to these files.

ArcGIS Workspaces is an exciting new place where you can develop good ideas with other members of the GIS community.

If you have any questions about ArcGIS Workspaces, please contact the ArcGIS Ideas administrator by using the link on the ArcGIS Ideas page or email

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