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Ye Ole Db Connection

"The Fabled Blue Marker"

"The fabled blue marker, what do you do?!"

Our lives are filled with things we often overlook. Case in point, what are the little blue reflectors on the road that you see on the way home from work every day? I’ve tried to establish a pattern. Are they marking the center of the lane? Sometimes they’re right on the road center line, sometimes they’re right in the middle of your wheel path, thump thump, and sometimes they’re barely on the road at all. If you look, you’ll see them all the time; you just have no earthly clue as to what they actually do. Continue reading

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GIS Humor – A blog post filled with jokes!


Thank you for visiting the Support Services Blog. This content is no longer available.

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Standardizing the ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop Experience

ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop

Recently a user wanted to be able to standardize the ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop application for GIS clients in his organization. He found that once ArcGIS Explorer was configured locally on his machine, he was able to share the default … Continue reading

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Five tips for getting started with CityEngine

Colored Buildings

CityEngine is a powerful product that can build amazing cityscapes.  Digging into this software can be a little tricky at first; however, the more you use it, the easier the functionality becomes.  Esri CityEngine on the ArcGIS Resource Center is a great place to start, as you … Continue reading

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The Stop, Drop and Roll of Esri Support

fire truck

As much as we would all like to avoid calling support for help with software issues, there are times that it is unavoidable. When you find yourself preparing to contact support, there are a few things that you can do … Continue reading

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Esri GRIDs are always 32 bit


There are many different kinds of rasters that can be used in ArcMap. To better describe and explain these different kinds  of rasters, Esri has created help documentation on technical specifications and supported raster formats.  Included in the documentation is … Continue reading

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Esri Presents ArcGIS Workspaces!

ArcGIS Workspaces Screen Shot

Have you ever wanted a place where you could collaborate on a good idea with members of the GIS community? Or have you ever wanted to take an idea further by developing a new solution with others who share your … Continue reading

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Where, oh where, did my progress dialog message go?

Background processing is a new feature that was added at ArcGIS 10. Background processing provides the ability to run a geoprocessing tool and not lose the ability to work within ArcMap.  Instead, the tool progress dialog message has been replaced by a scrolling bar in the lower right corner of the map document.

You can now stack up multiple geoprocessing tools to run in order.  The intermediate progress messages can still be seen when background processing is enabled, by expanding the Results Window.  This can be the best of both worlds, as you can continue to work within ArcMap, but still see information about what step the current geoprocessing tool is on.

Continue reading

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