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Giving Thanks to the Dedicated Support Bloggers

With the US Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has written, worked on, read, commented on, or otherwise utilized the Esri Support Blog during 2011.

Thank you to all these dedicated Support Analysts
The Geodatabase Support Blogger Jon D, who helped us put everything in its right place using ArcGIS Diagrammer, so “??????? ??????” turns into something I understand.
The Server Support Bloggers Chris O and Randall W, who provided us with documentation on Using ArcGIS Mobile 10 as well as let us know where to put ideas for product enhancements. Continue reading

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Where Did My License Go?

Has this ever happened to you? You go to activate an extension within ArcMap 10, but you get the dreaded message that the license you need is not available.

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Getting to Know Esri Support: Shan C.

An interview with ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabase analyst Shan C.

To continue our “Getting to Know Esri Support” series, we’ve recapped our talk with Shan Chen regarding his experiences with GIS. We hope you enjoy this blog and getting to know some of the members of the Esri Support Services team! Continue reading

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Happy GIS Day!

Today, November 16, is GIS Day. GIS Day is an opportunity for GIS professionals and educators to spread awareness about the field of GIS. Learn more about how and where people are celebrating at



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Using TINs Created with ArcGIS 10 in Previous Versions of ArcGIS

Have you opened your scene document to find a warning that the base surface for your 2D data cannot be found? The only thing different with this document is that it was saved as a previous version from ArcGIS 10.0 and you’re now opening it in ArcScene 9.3.1. Continue reading

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If Only This Topo Map Was More Interesting

Topographic maps are some of the most common maps that are in publication. They come in many shapes and sizes, but how can you really spice one up? What can you do to make a regular topographic map (like the one below) more interesting?

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