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Mobile Utilities and the People Who Love Them

Hello, my name is Denise, and I am the Mobile GIS Support Specialist in ESRI Support Services, working out of the East Coast – Charlotte office. Many of you contacting ESRI Support Services for help or information of a technical nature are already aware of the GoToAssist utility. The GoToAssist utility allows ESRI Support Analysts to provide what is commonly referred to as ‘desktop streaming’. We blogged on this topic back in April 2009 to help inform ESRI’s user community on how GoToAssist allows our support analysts to remotely and securely connect to our customers’ computers: allowing for faster, more accurate diagnosis of many kinds of problems – especially when the problem involves a map.

The GoToAssist application works great for those using desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs, but what about the popular and ever growing mobile device world? The current Mobile GIS technologies offered by ESRI are ArcPad, ArcGIS Mobile, and ArcLogistics Navigator. All three software applications run as WIN32 applications in addition to Windows Mobile applications. GoToAssist is ideal if the issue you are reporting is occurring on a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC; however, it is more common in the Mobile GIS world to get contacted by mobile users reporting the experienced behavior that is only occurring on the mobile device. This is where GoToAssist gets assistance from a utility called My Mobiler.

My Mobiler is a freeware application that provides ESRI Support Analysts the ability to view and/or control the processes performed on a connected mobile device from a desktop PC. Used in conjunction with GoToAssist, ESRI Support Analysts can troubleshoot and diagnose reported behaviors on a mobile device, visually confirm that mobile device users are performing the proper instructions in their work flow procedures, and assist in any user training of ESRI software mobile applications (ArcPad, ArcGIS Mobile, and ArcLogistics Navigator).

Disclaimer: My Mobiler is a free third-party utility. This application is not endorsed or supported by ESRI, nor can ESRI be held responsible for any damages resulting from inappropriate use of this application.

My Mobiler v1.25 – FREEWARE

  • View a mobile screen on your desktop

  • Control a mobile device by using desktop keyboard and mouse

  • Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop

  • Capture mobile screen

  • Drag and drop files to a mobile device

  • Support ActiveSync / IP Connection

  • Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)

This application allows the viewing and control of a mobile device from a desktop PC.

Additional information for downloading, installing, and the use of My Mobiler can be found at the following link:

- Denise K., Mobile GIS Support Specialist, ESRI Support Services

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The OIM Tool – helping you manage your incidents

During ESRI’s annual User Conference in July ‘09, ESRI Support Services demonstrated the new Online Incident Management (OIM) tool to our International Distributors and received very positive responses. The tool provides International Distributors visibility into their logged incidents as well as the means to manage them at various stages of the support process: they can track their incidents, review and add notes to them, request associated hot fixes, and generate reports on the Support metrics. After using the OIM tool for a couple months, the International Distributors are reporting better incident visibility, reduced resolution time, and improved efficiency in their workflows.

Having received such great responses from the International Distributors, we’re already working on phase-2 for OIM: extending some of its functionality and, therefore, its benefits to our domestic clientele. OIM phase-2 will include more enhancements for International Distributors too, including profile-based access and customized reporting.

Keep an eye out for the OIM tool! It should be available to you in the near future.

- Sanjay L., Program Manager – Online Support Resources, ESRI Support Services

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How to Access the Bing .NET Token Through a Proxy

Along with ESRI’s maps, you can also use a couple of different third party map services, Bing Maps and Google Maps, in your Web application.

To access the Bing Map services, you have to use one of the tokens provided by ESRI. The tokens can be downloaded from the following Web page: Bing Tokens.

These tokens were not originally developed to work through a proxy, so in order to access the Bing Map service through a proxy, you have to edit the token request page and supply it with the proper proxy credential. The new token request page can be accessed through the following downloadable ZIP file:

For more information on map services and reasons for using map services, refer to the following Web Help article: Common reasons for using map services.

- Thang Le, ESRI Support Analyst, ESRI Support Services – SDK Unit

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