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Empowering Users – Upcoming Initiatives

The OIM Tool Initiative

Tool Time with ESS – The OIM Tool Initiative

To add value to your Support Center experience, ESRI is working to design and develop a new tool, tentatively called the Online Incident Management (OIM) tool. The OIM tool will provide a clear, effective Web interface for managing and reporting on your incidents with ESRI Support Services. In time, you’ll be able to use the OIM tool to:

  • Communicate with your support analyst by adding new notes directly into our incident tracking system.

  • Request a change in status for your incident, to have an incident closed, reopened, or escalated.

  • Generate historical reports showing how your incidents have been logged and responded to over time.

  • Review historical communications and detailed notes associated with each of your incidents.

The OIM tool is being prototyped using Adobe’s Flex technology and will be field-tested by various ESRI offices prior to general release, a process commonly referred to in the industry as eating one’s own dog food. This will help ensure that the finished product is both highly useful and effective. Watch this space for more information around the time of ESRI’s 2009 International User Conference this July.

—Jason H., ESRI Support Services, Global Metrics Program Manager

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Empowering Users – Upcoming Events

developer summit visitors

2009 ESRI Developer Summit begins on Monday, March 23.

“The Developer Summit is dedicated to GIS, mapping, and spatial developers.” ESRI Support Services will be leading a technical session on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 from 1:00pm-2:15pm at Mesquite C (PSCC). The session is titled Support Operations and Processes presentation. It will be focused on an interactive session using a survey to build a discussion about the aspects of Support Services that the developer finds most important, as well as the details of recent changes and initiatives that will enhance the experience of developers contacting ESRI Support Services. Here are some helpful links to get you around the DevSummit:

Come visit us at the Technical Support island during the hours of the ESRI Showcase. To all of those attending the Developer Summit, we wish you a wonderful and insightful week.

—Collin W., SCN Blog Content Manager, ESRI Support Services

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The Right Resource, At The Right Time…

scope of support

Scope of Support

“Hello World!” Monte here again to discuss an important project that we have been working on in ESRI Support Services over the past several months. Today, I’d like to introduce Scope of Support.

First, a little background: ESRI Support Services (ESS) is broken into technology-based units comprised of the Support analysts who directly support you. Each ESS Support Unit follows established Support policies and procedures throughout the course of daily Support practices; however, our Support policies have sometimes differed between the units within ESS as well as between Support, our Development Teams, and other groups within ESRI. To ensure that the level of support and the messages delivered to our Support analysts, other ESRI staff, and you, the ESRI customers are consistent; ESS has developed official Scope of Support guidelines to assist ESS analysts in their daily workflows.

How does this affect you? When you call us for help, we want to make sure that we put you in touch with the most appropriate resource(s) at ESRI. While we’ll make every attempt to help you, ESS may not always be your best resource, depending on the nature of your issue.

The Scope of Support guidelines were developed to formally define issues that Support analysts are responsible for handling, while also documenting issues that fall outside the scope of ESS. As part of our onboarding program, analysts are provided documentation and training in order to handle all situations in a consistent manner. Additionally, the guidelines include processes and procedures to help Support analysts direct you to the most appropriate ESRI resource, when your issue is found to fall outside the scope of Support. This includes directing you to Professional Services for custom application help, recommending training and Customer Service for new license files, just to name a few.

What’s most important is getting you in touch with the most appropriate resource at ESRI. Scope of Support ultimately ensures accountability by ESRI while providing a consistent level of support when you call us for help. We’re currently developing external Scope of Support documentation that we’ll post to the ESRI Support Center Web site in the near future.

As always, I encourage you to ask questions or leave comments in the comments section.

Until my next post…

— Monte, Server Unit Manager, Support Services, ESRI

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