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Fun with GIS 195: Map Contest!

Nifty idea, Minnesota! They are running a map competition for the state’s middle school and high school students! Build a “finished product map” — a presentation, app, or Story Map — using ArcGIS Online. Five entries each for the two divisions (grades 6-8 and 9-12) will receive equal awards.

Mapped content must be inside the borders of the state — perhaps a region, a watershed, a city, a neighborhood. This limits the students’ possible content to a somewhat “known universe,” while permitting an unlimited array of topics from which to choose.

This is a nice model for states or even school districts that want to nudge students toward thinking of geography as more than “states and capitals,” and promoting futures in the geospatial tech arena. In fact, students in MN must have a “personal learning plan,” so building maps into their future is a good strategy.

Since any US K12 school can acquire an ArcGIS Online Organization account for instruction for free, and since many classes suffer from spring fever as the weather warms, this new opportunity to acquire and apply skills may spark some extra focus. (The judges may have their hands full!) Kudos, Minnesota!

Charlie Fitzpatrick, Esri Education Manager

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