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Name That Place!

Can you or your students “Name That Place” based on a series of satellite images?  I have created a multiple-choice quiz about the Earth based on satellite imagery in ArcGIS Online.  The 20 multiple-choice questions I have included address such varied topics as land use change, urban rivers, natural hazards, waterfalls and canals, erosion, ports, temples, glacial terrain, landfills, urban patterns, and more.  At the end of the quiz, I include not only the answers, but discussion of each issue, why the issue is important, and reasons why two of the choices are incorrect and why one choice has to be the correct answer.  I have also created a video version of the quiz.

London, Paris, or Hamburg?

London, Paris, or Hamburg?  Earth quiz using satellite imagery in ArcGIS Online.

Those of you who have been following this blog and its focus of promoting deep and rich investigations of the Earth using geotechnologies in an inquiry-driven environment might find the idea of an Earth quiz at odds with this blog’s philosophy.   I assure you this is not so.  Quizzes such as these (1) can provide a fun and challenging way of introducing fundamental concepts and themes about the Earth, such as river systems, land use practices, sustainable agriculture, population change, and so much more; (2) can introduce and reinforce image interpretation skills; (3) can foster and understanding of the importance of scale; and (4) can build skills in using tools such as ArcGIS Online, which is the basis for this quiz.  In the quiz, unlike a static presentation based on PowerPoint, for example, you and your students can zoom in and out, and pan the image map.  The quiz is thus a dynamic, multimedia environment, and a springboard for further investigation using ArcGIS Online, where additional layers can be added and analyzed.

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