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Using Local Live GIS Portals in Education

Many organizations are putting their information on a smart map–by using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server technologies–to make their operations more efficient,   The portal from Keith County, Nebraska is one of my favorites.   You, as the educator, can make use of local live GIS web mapping portals like this to teach a wide variety of concepts and skills.  I describe how to use it in further detail in this video.

For example, with the Keith County Nebraska portal, created by the GIS professionals at GIS Workshop Inc., you can teach about how the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) was implemented to divide up the land into parcels, sections, townships, and ranges, and how it affects our lives to the present day.  Examine and measure the extent and location of historical wildfires.  Teach about latitude and longitude, center pivot irrigation and other land use, image characteristics (determine the time of day and time of year that the image was taken), and study changes from nature (river meanders) and from humans (urbanization and agriculture) over time by comparing historical to current imagery.  Examine housing types type using the ground photographs on the site with the property values and age of construction to illustrate how towns grew and changed.

Using Local GIS Portals in Education:  Keith County, Nebraska

How could you use this web mapping portal in education?  What other local GIS maps  have you found useful? I invite you to share your discoveries with the community.

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