Fun with GIS 120: Five Fave World Maps

Last week’s blog was about five favorite ArcGIS Online maps of US data. This week I offer five favorite ArcGIS Online maps (or capacities) using world data. Most of these work on Mac or PC, tablet or smartphone. Each of these can be experienced by clicking on the map or using the short url.

1. Lat-Long Tool
No special map needed here. Finding a quick latitude and longitude is easy. Maps and apps with a Measure tool generally allow you to see Lat/Long with a tap or mouse move once you engage the tool.

2. Elevation Profile,
Use this app to draw a path in the neighborhood or across the world, and get a sideways look at the elevation, even out in the ocean, and trace to see the correspondence. (Best on full PC/Mac.)

3. Recent Earthquakes,
Explore the last 30 days of earthquakes, classified by magnitude and containing attributes of date and depth. Watch local concentrations, identify global patterns.

4. World Climate,
Characteristics of climate, presented in time series data, with anticipated shifts as projected through models.

5. World Bank Age & Population,
This is a complex data set with multiple layers and multiple time slices, plus pop-ups spelling out info from the last half-century.

Again, innumerable lessons await teachers of science, social studies, math, and the holistically-minded educator. As with last week’s maps of the US, customize these maps, mix and match the data, seek out a project, focus on your special area of study. Examine the patterns and relationships that describe and influence all our lives.

- Charlie Fitzpatrick, Esri Education Manager

Charlie Fitzpatrick

About Charlie Fitzpatrick

Charlie Fitzpatrick is the K-12 education manager at Esri. Before joining Esri in 1992, Charlie taught social studies in grades 7-12 for 15 years.
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