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Fun with GIS #82: Anticipating Landsat

Landsat is coming! Esri is preparing terabytes of data for access thru ArcGIS Online. Earlier this year, Esri Federal User Conference and Esri Partner Conference audiences saw sneak previews. You can check out the coming access by watching a few minutes of video. Click the graphic below and scroll down the transcript to 3:13, then watch the segment from 3:13-6:58.

As the movie shows, Landsat data in ArcGIS Online will allow educators and students to see change over time from 1975-2005, in your choice of application: specific web browser app, ArcGIS.com Map Viewer (including on iPad), ArcGIS Explorer Online, ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, or ArcMap. You’ll be able to overlay layers and conduct analyses against them. See the effects of climate change, urbanization, deforestation, but also the occasional re-establishment of native habitat. These will be powerful capacities for social studies, earth science, and other STEM classes.

- Charlie Fitzpatrick, Co-Manager, Esri Schools Program

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