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NCGE 2009 National Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award, Stuart Ritchie

Congratulations to the National Council of Geographic Education Winner of
the 2009 National Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award, Stuart Ritchie
of Denver Public Schools

Denver Public School’s Montbello High School Geography teacher Stuart Ritchie will be presented with the 2009 National
Distinguished Teaching Achievement award at the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)
conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in September (www.ncge.org) . The award is the Council’s highest honor for teachers.

Before his teaching career, Mr. Ritchie was an
international high altitude mountain climbing
guide for ten years. During that time he traveled
to many of the high ranges of the world including
the Himalaya, Andes, Alps, and Alaska Range. It
was out of interactions with indigenous peoples
of the world that he chose teaching geography as
a career path.

Mr. Ritchie is a graduate of the University of
Denver, and received his Masters degree in
Secondary Instruction and Curriculum Design
from the University of Colorado. An Advanced
Placement human geography teacher in Denver
Public Schools, Stuart serves on both the
geography redesign and assessment committees.

Stuart has participated in a GIS Symposium and
Community Mapping project, and was awarded a
$5,000 grant from the technology department of
Denver Public Schools. The purpose of the grant
was to implement a GIS project in his AP Human
Geography class. The class chose to study the
school pattern of discipline issues within the
building, and once the data was collected, with
the help of school security, the data was loaded
into a geographic information system that was
analyzed to discern patterns of incidents and
recommend changes in the use of the school
security resources.

Stuart Ritche has also served for a number of years on the Colorado Geographic Alliance (COGA) Steering
Committee. Recently, Stuart participated in the COGA-sponsored Teacher Leadership Institute at Denver
Public Schools and is often called upon to present workshops on standards-based geography instruction and
assessment for other teachers in his district.

- Marianne Kenney
Colorado Geographic Alliance Summer 2009 newsletter

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