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Fun with GIS #27: Exploring Climate Change

One cool thing about being an educator is that there’s no end of subjects that matter. One cool thing about being a geographer is seeing the ways in which all things are related. And one cool thing about being a techie in the 21st century is that there is unlimited opportunity for exploration.

In preparation for Earth Science Week, I built a lesson using ArcGIS Explorer, in order to do some quick examination of one indicator of climate change — sea surface temperature. The lesson relies on data in KML format from the NASA Earth Observation web site. You can find the lesson at ArcLessons. Just do a search on “Climate”.

Despite the fun exploring with cool tools, it’s a little discouraging to look down the road at the implications. The lesson asks the user to “act” by creating a presentation. I hope users will consider other actions as well.

- Charlie Fitzpatrick, Co-Manager, ESRI Schools Program

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