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For GIS Managers, Planning and People Are Keys to Success

The two most important components of a successful GIS are good planning and good people. Keep in mind, though, that all the planning in the world is useless if you do not have adequately trained people to operate your system.

So said the late, great Dr. Roger Tomlinson, who coined the term “geographic information system,” and authored Thinking About GIS, Geographic Information System Planning for Managers (now in its fifth edition). Tomlinson writes:

Quote about GIS by Roger Tomlinson

If you’re a manager, you are responsible for supporting the people who build, manage, and maintain your organization’s GIS. How have you supported their development? Like Tomlinson, do you see a relationship between developing your workforce and the success of your GIS program? Do you see a relationship between the success of your GIS program and the success of your organization? Continue reading

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Easier E-Learning Access for ArcGIS Online Named Users

This post was updated on March 14, 2017.

This week, we released several new features to the Esri Training website, including a back-end improvement designed to make life easier for ArcGIS Online organizational users. As of last summer, all customers with a qualifying Esri product that is current on maintenance receive unlimited access to e-Learning on the Training siteEsri Training site elements graphic

With more than 400 e-Learning options in the Training catalog today (and more are added each week), this benefit is pretty amazing. Perhaps more amazing, anyone at a maintenance customer organization is eligible to take advantage of e-Learning to grow their geospatial knowledge and build ArcGIS skills. There’s no requirement to have a product license or named user status.  Continue reading

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The #WeekofGiving in Review

In keeping with time-honored holiday tradition, gift-giving was in order this past week. For all the lifelong learners seeking to build GIS knowledge, enhance existing ArcGIS skills, or make progress on a professional development plan, we hope you enjoyed the free learning opportunity we selected and sent your way each day via Twitter. If you missed them, here they are with our best wishes. Smithsonian folk music story map Continue reading

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Esri Geodata Academy to Launch in New York City

ArcGIS users have a new way to get no-cost, hands-on training. Next month, we’re staging the first Geodata Academy in New York City (though not on Broadway). The topic: Expand the Reach of Your GIS with Web Maps

Geodata Academy events are in-person, about three hours, and highly interactive. An Esri expert facilitates each session. Content and activities are carefully designed to ensure attendees acquire a specific set of skills they can apply on their own back at the office.  Continue reading

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Coming Soon: A Brand-New Esri Training Experience

Learning should be timely, easy, and fun. This statement is the core philosophy driving a complete overhaul of the Training website and a new, open learning experience for Esri users.

The extreme makeover of our website is well underway, with a release planned for early August. A major focus of the redesign is incorporating resources produced by teams across Esri. New Esri Training website banner

As a company, we create a slew of educational content. So much, in fact, that it can be difficult to know where to find the most relevant content for your needs. Or so we’ve heard.

The solution is twofold:  Continue reading

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Maximize Conference Value with Hands-on Learning

Updated December 2, 2016.

Found at many Esri and user group conferences held throughout the United States, the Hands-on Learning Lab helps attendees squeeze maximum learning out of their conference experience.

Esri Hands-on Learning Lab

The Hands-on Learning Lab is a dedicated space where you can take free ArcGIS lessons on a variety of ArcGIS topics. Each self-paced lesson takes about 45 minutes, and includes a video lecture and a related hands-on software exercise.  Continue reading

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Learning ArcGIS Pro in the Cloud

We released our first ArcGIS Pro instructor-led course early this year and it’s been a hit. Lots of organizations want their GIS staff prepared to work productively with the latest ArcGIS for Desktop application. Of course, one of the many cool things about ArcGIS Pro is its seamless 2D/3D visualization, editing, and analysis capabilities.

That 3D part—as cool as it is—is where we hit a snag. The instructor-led online classroom is a convenient and popular training option that provides the A factor—accessibility. Students can attend an online class and benefit from an instructor-led experience, even if their office is far from one of our physical classrooms.

With our partner ReadyTech, we provide a complete virtual lab setup for each online class. Students access a remote virtual machine provisioned with all Esri and other software required to complete course exercises.

Unfortunately, though it is popular, we have not been able to teach the ArcGIS Pro course in the online classroom. Streaming 3D content over the Internet is a challenge. Due to the size of the data, hardware and graphics requirements are much different than for our standard 2D virtual lab environment.

We needed a 3D solution, and now we have one.  Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Test Drive

Recently, I was invited to participate in ArcGIS Pro usability testing. If you haven’t heard, ArcGIS Pro is a new desktop application included with the upcoming ArcGIS 10.3 release. As an experienced ArcGIS for Desktop user who had not yet used ArcGIS Pro, I matched the profile the usability team was looking for.

I jumped at the chance because, like you, I’m busy. So far, my to-do lists had prevented me from getting hands-on with the beta and prerelease versions of ArcGIS Pro. I’d watched a few videos and read a little about it. I knew ArcGIS Pro uses the Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface, that it has a lot of 3D capabilities built-in, and that it incorporates context-sensitive tools. ArcGIS Pro application window

That’s what I knew going in. Here’s what I found out.  Continue reading

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Commonsense Tips for Story Map Data

Making a story map is an excellent opportunity to be creative, challenge your inner cartographer, and demonstrate GIS skills (and add pizzazz to your LinkedIn profile while you’re at it). If you haven’t yet made a story map, this four-step process may help you get started. Esri story map on Feeding the World

Number 2 in the process is to plan and execute your data strategy. This step is critical but can get glossed over in the creative excitement to make a cool map. It’s time to give it some time in the spotlight.

Typically, story maps are focused narratives about geographic places, features, and current or historic events. When considering data to support a story map project, pay particular attention to three items. Continue reading

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Chasing the Edge to Teach GIS

This is part of our series introducing the diverse group of professionals that comprise the Esri Training Services team. 

On the eve of a work trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, which he planned to bookend with weekends devoted to sight-seeing, Esri instructor Ben Ramseth talked about work, how he spends time out of the office, his part in creating our new developer bootcamps, and how he uses The Edge to help students learn—by which he means a concept, not the rock musician.

When he talks, Ben emanates positive energy. He flows from one topic to the next, making connections and working in interesting factoids as he goes. Continue reading

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