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Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.

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The #WeekofGiving in Review

In keeping with time-honored holiday tradition, gift-giving was in order this past week. For all the lifelong learners seeking to build GIS knowledge, enhance existing ArcGIS skills, or make progress on a professional development plan, we hope you enjoyed the free learning opportunity we selected and sent your way each day via Twitter. If you missed them, here they are with our best wishes. Smithsonian folk music story map Continue reading

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Five Useful Python Code Snippets to Automate Mapping Tasks

This post was contributed by Esri instructor Brittney White.

Have you been meaning to try out the ArcMap Python window, but just aren’t sure how to start? Well, the five code snippets below are a great tool to familiarize yourself with the Python window and the arcpy.mapping module. Make a copy of an MXD file and move it somewhere to test out these snippets. You’ll soon see how useful a few Python tricks can be for map management tasks.

  • Each snippet below works with ArcMap 10.x, an existing map document (MXD file), arcpy.mapping module, and Python 2.x.

You don’t have to know any Python syntax to use these snippets. Simply enter the code into the Python window and check out the results.  Continue reading

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Esri Geodata Academy to Launch in New York City

ArcGIS users have a new way to get no-cost, hands-on training. Next month, we’re staging the first Geodata Academy in New York City (though not on Broadway). The topic: Expand the Reach of Your GIS with Web Maps

Geodata Academy events are in-person, about three hours, and highly interactive. An Esri expert facilitates each session. Content and activities are carefully designed to ensure attendees acquire a specific set of skills they can apply on their own back at the office.  Continue reading

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Esri Technical Certification: October Giveaway Now Open

Today marks the start of our third Esri technical certification giveaway, and the final one for this year. This October edition runs through the 31st, which means you have 14 days to enter for a chance to win a free exam voucher (valued at $225 USD). The voucher can be used to register for any available Esri certification exam.

Table showing available Esri technical certification exams

As with previous giveaways, the rule is one entry per individual. If you entered one of the previous giveaways, you’ll need to enter again to be included in this giveaway. Two winners will be randomly selected and announced on November 2nd.

With all the 10.4 exams now open for registration, this a great opportunity to advance professional development goals that include Esri certification.

Good luck! Enter the giveaway now.

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New Training Site: Highlights and Common Questions

New Esri Training Site PDF

It’s been just over a month since we released our new website to the world. While we welcomed it warmly (with three cakes no less!), the release was only the beginning of a much larger effort.

The two main objectives of the initial release were to modernize the site and simplify access to ArcGIS learning resources. Here are five new features that met our objectives and can help you achieve your learning objectives.

Continue reading

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Announcing the Esri Technical Certification Winners

In our recent giveaway, which ran from June 24 through July 7,  the four individuals below each won a technical certification exam voucher valued at USD $225.

  • Antonio Marques of Portugal
  • Cliff Parker of Virginia, USA
  • Meg Southee of Ontario, Canada
  • Paige Brochu of Vermont, USA

Congratulations, winners! And best wishes as you start preparing for your exams. To all those who did not win a voucher, you will have another opportunity when our next giveaway opens in October. Thanks for entering.  Continue reading

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Coming Soon: A Brand-New Esri Training Experience

Learning should be timely, easy, and fun. This statement is the core philosophy driving a complete overhaul of the Training website and a new, open learning experience for Esri users.

The extreme makeover of our website is well underway, with a release planned for early August. A major focus of the redesign is incorporating resources produced by teams across Esri. New Esri Training website banner

As a company, we create a slew of educational content. So much, in fact, that it can be difficult to know where to find the most relevant content for your needs. Or so we’ve heard.

The solution is twofold:  Continue reading

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Esri Technical Certification: Second Giveaway Starts Now

Esri technical certification exams table

Whether you’ve just been thinking about certification or have firm plans to take a specific Esri technical certification exam this year, you now have a great opportunity to advance your professional goals.

Our second exam giveaway of 2016 is open!  Continue reading

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Powering People Potential at the Esri User Conference

If you will be attending the Esri User Conference, we’d love to see you. Because, as always, our focus this year is people. Specifically, helping people to be productive and creative when using the ArcGIS platform. Esri User Conference Expo

Whether your focus is turning data into information, creating and sharing maps and apps, or teaching the next generation how to think spatially, we’ve got a great lineup to support your work.

Connect with us at these sessions and activities.  Continue reading

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Maximize Conference Value with Hands-on Learning

Updated December 2, 2016.

Found at many Esri and user group conferences held throughout the United States, the Hands-on Learning Lab helps attendees squeeze maximum learning out of their conference experience.

Esri Hands-on Learning Lab

The Hands-on Learning Lab is a dedicated space where you can take free ArcGIS lessons on a variety of ArcGIS topics. Each self-paced lesson takes about 45 minutes, and includes a video lecture and a related hands-on software exercise.  Continue reading

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