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Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.

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Esri Technical Certification: Digital Badges Are Here

In recognition of their achievement, Esri-certified individuals will now receive digital badges in place of the emblems that have been in use since the program began. Digital badges feature metadata that allow others (including prospective employers) to immediately verify Esri certification information

Esri technical certification table of domains and exams

Badges feature a fresh, updated design that will enhance resumés, business cards, and social media profiles.  Continue reading

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Visualizing Time in ArcGIS: Make a Web Map

This is the second post in a three-part series on working with temporal data in ArcGIS.

In the previous post, we covered how to add data to ArcGIS Pro, prepare it for your project needs, time-enable the layer, then share the layer as a time-enabled web layer to an ArcGIS Online organizational site.

This post takes you through the steps to create a web map featuring the time-enabled web layer. The third post shows how to create a story map that features the web map.

Ready? Let’s get started. ArcGIS Online map viewer

  • Go to and sign in to your ArcGIS Online organizational account.
  • In My Content, right-click the web layer and add it to a new map.

You can immediately see that the web layer is time-enabled because a time slider displays at the bottom of the map viewer.  Continue reading

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Maximize Conference Value with Hands-on Learning

Amid the noise and kinetic rush towards the conference keynote speeches, panel discussions, tech sessions, and built-to-wow demonstrations, there’s a place where calm beckons. Where the atmosphere is mostly quiet, the muted staccato of individual keystrokes and mouse clicks merging into one ambient chorus. Occasionally a chair leg scrapes softly against the carpet, indicating a (possibly crowd-weary) professional is heading back to the louder agenda. Esri Hands-on Learning Lab

What—and where—is this oasis?

All over the place, actually. Found at many Esri and user group conferences held throughout the United States, the Hands-on Learning Lab helps attendees squeeze maximum learning out of their conference experience.  Continue reading

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Take the Leap: Win a Free Certification Exam Voucher

March update: This giveaway is now over. Congratulations to our winners Seth Wright and Mark Agnes! Look for more giveaways later this year.

Today marks the beginning of a special time we’ve dubbed Leap Month. Of course, we’re in a leap year, and February gets the extra day on the 2016 calendar (24 whole hours!).  Leap forward

In the northern hemisphere, February tends to be an in-between month. The holidays seem like a dream of days past, spring has not sprung, and lazy summer days are a distant dream. Of course, we’ve got Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day to break things up, but for many the winter doldrums have set in.

So celebrating Leap Month and planning special Leap Day activities is a welcome change.

In the spirit of celebrating forward momentum, this Leap Month we’re giving away Esri technical certification exam vouchers.

If you’re planning to tackle Esri certification in 2016, a free exam voucher worth $225 USD would likely be welcome. You can enter the giveaway (once) now through Leap Day. We’ll announce the winners on March 1st.

Good luck and Happy Leap Month! Like the Summer Olympics, it comes only once every four years. Celebrate while you can.

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Visualizing Time in ArcGIS: Prepare Data in ArcGIS Pro

This is the first post in a three-part series on visualizing and sharing temporal data using ArcGIS. In this post, learn how to add data to ArcGIS Pro, prepare it for visualization, and share it to ArcGIS Online.  

This blog’s most popular post ever is about visualizing temporal data on a map. The ArcMap workflow described in that post is still valid. Five and a half years later, though, we have a tightly integrated platform and new options. An exciting new desktop app. Easy ways to share GIS-driven insights with a wide audience.

It’s time to give that post a modern refresh. We’ll use the same scenario as the original post: piracy incidents in and around the Gulf of Aden.  Continue reading

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Esri Technical Certification: Get Your Questions Answered

We get a lot of certification-related questions. While we welcome these questions, we realize there are likely many people with similar questions who haven’t reached out to us. With hope and faith in the power of search engine indexing, we’ve compiled the list of resources below.

Documented FAQs

An easy first stop for information seekers is the Common Questions page on the Esri Training website. You can filter the list to quickly see the certification-related questions.

Continue reading

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ArcGIS Desktop Entry-Level Certification: Now Playing in Test Centers Worldwide

Last spring, we announced a new certification in the ArcGIS Desktop domain. Half a year later, we’re pleased to announce that public registration for the ArcGIS Desktop Entry exam is now open. Esri certification exam taker

Developing this entry-level exam involved many people and many levels of review and analysis. It takes a lot of hard work to ensure we create a valid and reliable measure of an entry-level candidate’s skills.

Recently, we talked with one of the people involved about her part in the ArcGIS Desktop Entry development. Lisa S. O’Leary, PhD, is a psychometrician with Alpine Testing Solutions who works closely with the Esri certification team on exam development, security, and maintenance. Continue reading

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Learning ArcGIS Pro in the Cloud

We released our first ArcGIS Pro instructor-led course early this year and it’s been a hit. Lots of organizations want their GIS staff prepared to work productively with the latest ArcGIS for Desktop application. Of course, one of the many cool things about ArcGIS Pro is its seamless 2D/3D visualization, editing, and analysis capabilities.

That 3D part—as cool as it is—is where we hit a snag. The instructor-led online classroom is a convenient and popular training option that provides the A factor—accessibility. Students can attend an online class and benefit from an instructor-led experience, even if their office is far from one of our physical classrooms.

With our partner ReadyTech, we provide a complete virtual lab setup for each online class. Students access a remote virtual machine provisioned with all Esri and other software required to complete course exercises.

Unfortunately, though it is popular, we have not been able to teach the ArcGIS Pro course in the online classroom. Streaming 3D content over the Internet is a challenge. Due to the size of the data, hardware and graphics requirements are much different than for our standard 2D virtual lab environment.

We needed a 3D solution, and now we have one.  Continue reading

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30 Days of ArcGIS Tips

For millions of homework- and test-weary youth in the USA, “June” is a magic word. It conjures the end of the school year and the start of sublime summer vacation. June is the month that students—laggards and high achievers alike—anticipate with glee. Not to mention teachers.

For non-teaching working adults, though, June is a continuation of routine—projects, meetings, to-do lists, and deadlines. For us, work doesn’t stop in June. And neither should learning.

That’s why we decided to share a different ArcGIS tip every day in June, thirty tips in all. We culled product documentation, GeoNet forums, blogs, and brains around the Esri landscape for practical info, tips, and tricks ArcGIS users can apply immediately.  Continue reading

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It’s Official: Version 10.3 Certification Exams Released

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to earn a version 10.3 certification, your wait is over. The Esri Technical Certification team is pleased to announce the first two version 10.3 exams are now open for registration on the Pearson Vue website.

You can schedule an appointment to take the ArcGIS Desktop Associate and Enterprise Administration Associate exams whenever it suits you.

Four other exams (shown in the table on the right) have been updated for version 10.3, and they will be offered in testing centers beginning next month. Table showing all Esri certification exams

A team of psychometric and Esri subject matter experts is hard at work on the new ArcGIS Desktop Entry exam. Expect this exam to release in September.

Also Official

Based on impact data reports, a decision has been made to not offer the Esri Web Application Developer Associate exam at version 10.3. The most current version of this exam will remain version 10.2. We plan to update this exam for the next ArcGIS release.

With the release of the version 10.3 exams, we will be retiring our first set of exams. Version 10.0 exams will no longer be available in testing centers after July 31, 2015.

Esri technical certification exams are retired in accordance with the Esri Product Life Cycle Support Policy for mature support. Exam retirement has no impact on certifications awarded for that version. All existing 10.0 certifications will remain active.

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