Enter Now to Win a Free Esri Certification Voucher

Our February Esri Technical Certification giveaway—the first one for this year—is in full swing. This giveaway runs through the 24th, which means you still have more than a week to enter for a chance to win a free exam voucher (valued at $225 USD). Table showing Esri techincal certifications

The voucher can be used to register for any of the available Esri certification exams. The team is currently hard at work updating seven exams for ArcGIS 10.5, and those will be available in the coming months. 

As with previous giveaways, the rule is one entry per individual. If you entered one of last year’s giveaways, you’ll need to enter again to be included this time. Two winners will be randomly selected and announced on March 1st.

This giveaway is a great opportunity to advance your professional development goals if they include achieving an Esri technical certification.

Good luck! Enter the giveaway now.


About SuzanneB

Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.
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  1. hmcgregor13 says:

    Which 7 exams are being updated? Is there a tentative date as to when this will be complete?

    • SuzanneB SuzanneB says:

      Hi, the exams below are currently being updated for 10.5. They’ll be released in a staggered fashion over the next 4-8 months. More specific dates will be shared as we identify them.

      - ArcGIS Desktop Entry, Associate, and Professional
      - Enterprise Geodata Management Associate and Professional.
      - Enterprise System Design Associate
      - Enterprise Administration Associate

  2. iarasn.geo says:

    Who has version 10.3 certification will need to re-proof for version 10.5 at any level of certification?

    • SuzanneB SuzanneB says:

      Hi, Esri certifications (including version 10.3 certifications) will never expire. As the technology evolves, we create new exams to support those who want to validate their knowledge and skills at the latest software version.

      • onyedika.info@yahoo.com says:

        Thanks for this clarification… Please what the difference between Esri certifications and Esri Certified instructor or trainer.

        • SuzanneB SuzanneB says:

          An Esri technical certification validates your ArcGIS knowledge and skills. To become an Esri-certified instructor, you need to be employed by an Esri distributor and meet specific guidelines in order to teach Esri courses.