Esri Technical Certification: Get Your Questions Answered

We get a lot of certification-related questions. While we welcome these questions, we realize there are likely many people with similar questions who haven’t reached out to us. With hope and faith in the power of search engine indexing, we’ve compiled the list of resources below.

Documented FAQs

An easy first stop for information seekers is the Common Questions page on the Esri Training website. You can filter the list to quickly see the certification-related questions.

Explore Sample Questions

For each of the available certifications, there is a sample question web course you can use to understand the types of questions you may see on the exam. The samples are intended to give you an idea of how actual exam questions are structured—samples are not representative of the exam content or scope. View the sample question courses.

Watch a Free Seminar

Maybe you have a question (or two) related to your specific circumstances or interests. A one-hour training seminar  that provides an overview of the certification program is available. This is a recording of a live seminar in which attendees submitted questions and the presenters answered them. It’s highly likely that some of those questions are the same ones you have.

How Do I Prepare?

If exam preparation resource recommendations are what you’re looking for, it’s best to first look at the Skills Measured tab on each certification exam page to see what’s being tested. It’s likely there will be some skill areas that may require further study, either because you don’t commonly perform those tasks on the job or you’re not experienced with the ArcGIS tools and workflows for performing them. Once you’ve determined what you need to study, there are a number of resources available to help you prepare.

  • Esri resources are listed on each exam page’s Preparation Resources tab.
  • Explore the ArcGIS Resource Centers for technical articles, blog posts, help topics, and white papers covering concepts and skills you may need to brush up on.
  • Your local public library or university library probably has books and periodicals that would be helpful for exam preparation. Check out the GIS Bibliography to search for resources before tackling the library. You can e-mail yourself the results from any GIS Bibliography searches you do.
  • An Esri Press study guide is available for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification.
  • You can find more tips to prepare on the Certification website

If you still have a question after reviewing the resources above, e-mail the team at We really do want you to get the answer.


About SuzanneB

Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.
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  1. mokgaotsane says:

    I was looking for a free esri online course, how do i access

  2. mschau5 says:

    Are there any practice tests available for the ArcGIS Desktop Professional exam?

  3. jhead@lakeworth says:

    If we do fail, will we get a detailed description of areas we need work on or questions we missed so we can focus on those or do we simply get notified pass/fail?

    • SuzanneB SuzanneB says:

      Hi, should you fail an exam, you will get section-level pass/fail information, which can help identify areas for further study.

  4. abdulmateenhere says:

    hi, what are the requirements to become esri certified trainer for ArcGis Desktop 10.3 & ArcGis Web Developer Associate.

  5. dwelch_richlandwa says:

    Is there a study guide for the 10.3 cert? I only see guides for 10.0 and 10.1 ? Thanks!

  6. xonguyensvtech says:

    I had a exam result on web , how can I get the hard copy?

  7. scastro_pbcgov says:

    I am a recent graduate with a BS in Geography, and I would like to work towards my GISP certification on this coming Fall. Please, can you guide me on some information about the types of certifications and online courses?