Free Training Streamed Live To Your Desktop

Live training seminars are one of our most popular training options. Each year thousands of Esri users attend a live broadcast, and thousands more access the recordings. Their budget-friendly price (free!) can’t be beat, but attendees appreciate other aspects as well.

Esri live training seminar presentersTopping the list of favorables are:

  • Convenience: We do three live broadcasts on the same day to support attendees in different time zones.
  • Getting the inside scoop: Esri technology experts present the latest products and tools.
  • Learning what’s possible: Software demonstrations show how organizations can use the technology to improve their workflows and meet business needs.
  • Real-time opportunity to ask questions: Each seminar includes three question and answer sessions, which add a practical spin to the topic.
  • Short duration: Each seminar lasts 1 hour, a length that’s doable for most workdays.

Seminar attendees often ask for a downloadable version of the presentation streamed during the live event. Currently, we don’t post the presentation itself, but we record every live training seminar and make the recorded version available—also for free—a couple of days  after the live event. Each recorded seminar includes a transcript of the live seminar.

The seminar transcript includes the question and answer periods. Because we almost always receive more questions than we can answer in the one-hour time slot, some attendees will not get their questions answered. A good option if this happens to you is to post your question to one of the Esri forums. There are forums for Esri products, industries, special interest topics such as cartography and Python, and multiple forums for the developer community. The forums get a lot of traffic and are a great resource.

You can request e-mail reminders for live training seminars and view the upcoming schedule here. In next week’s seminar, we’ll be covering ArcGIS tools to cache and easily disseminate imagery.


About SuzanneB

Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.
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  1. lhough says:

    How do I sign up to receive these webinars and other free or low cost trainings?Thanks.

  2. jung@t says:

    i want join the training in order to be able to develop meaningful maps for our institution