Release Plans for Esri Technical Certification 10.1 Exams

Our release plan for version 10.1 of the certification exams is set and execution is well underway. Two exams are publically available, two exams are in beta release, and four others will be going to beta in the coming weeks. Beta exams are open to Esri employees, distributors, and partners only. Esri Technical Certification

The ArcGIS Desktop Associate and Professional exams are publically available now. For those of you interested in obtaining one of the other 10.1 certifications, here’s the current 10.1 exam release schedule. As always, carefully review the Skills Measured section of the certification page to understand the exam scope. Skills Measured information for exams not yet in beta will be available when the beta exams release.

In beta release now, public release scheduled for February, 2013:

Beta exams available in mid-December or January, public exam release scheduled for March or April, 2013:

Beta exams available in January, public exam release scheduled for April, 2013:

First ArcGIS 10.1 Certification Awarded

We want to extend a big congratulations to Stefanie Obmann. Stefanie was the first person to achieve an ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.1 certification since the exam was released. In fact, she was the first person to earn an ArcGIS 10.1 certification period.

Stefanie focuses on customer support and training at SynerGIS in Vienna, Austria, the Esri distributor for Austria since 1987 and for Slovakia since 1993. She decided to earn the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification because, in her words, “‘Thinking I know is different than ‘knowing I know’. I wanted to be tested and test myself.”

Stefanie was inspired to learn GIS because she appreciates the broad range of study areas the field encompasses—from physical and regional geography to cartography, multimedia, and geoinformation. “GIS represented the possibility to combine all of these fields for me while staying in contact with the technological development of IT and applying GIS,” she said.

While preparing for the exam, Stefanie learned a lot and that clearly paid off. With the exam behind her now, she says, “I feel more confident in giving advice since I was able to answer the exam questions, and will be able to answer many more questions by our users now.” Welcome to the Esri technical certification community, Stefanie!


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