Esri Technical Certification: New Payment Options Available

Up to now, the only way to purchase an Esri technical certification exam was by credit card when registering for an exam on the Pearson VUE website. In response to customer feedback, we’ve added the ability to purchase exam vouchers directly from Esri. Candidates within the U.S. can now purchase exam vouchers using a credit card, purchase order, government requisition, check, money order, or wire transfer. Additionally, customers who have credits through the Esri Enterprise Advantage Program, Business Partner Advantage Program, or training days through the Esri Training Pass can now use those credits and training days to purchase exam vouchers.

The expanded payment options will make it easier for organizations who want to pre-purchase multiple vouchers to support staff development initiatives. We’ve also heard from government organizations about the lengthy bureaucratic process required to approve new third-party vendors (such as Pearson VUE). Because Esri is already an approved vendor, being able to purchase exam vouchers directly from us will be a big convenience factor for many in the  public sector—and maybe some in the private sector as well.

In Other News

For those of you wondering about ArcGIS 10.1 certification exam availability, know that we are working hard to get those released. The exam development process is extremely rigorous and can take even longer than getting a new third-party vendor approved. The ArcGIS 10.1 Desktop exams will be released in early Q3, and the others will follow as quickly as the process allows.


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Suzanne is a Maryland native with a degree in English Literature who enjoys writing about Esri technology and other topics. She works with Esri Training Services in Redlands, California.
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