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Coming at ArcGIS 10.1: Python Add-ins

There’s no doubt about it—lots of people are interested in using Python scripts to automate ArcGIS tasks and workflows. Last week’s live training seminar on creating Python add-ins (new functionality at ArcGIS 10.1) attracted a large audience.

If you couldn’t attend the live seminar, the recording is now available for free viewing on the Esri Training website. Seminar attendees submitted a lot of questions during the three broadcasts. Here’s a quick recap of the most common questions. Continue reading

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Lose the Features, Keep the Annotation Properties

A previous post covered converting standard annotation to feature-linked annotation—to recap, it cannot be done directly. A recommended workflow when you have standard annotation that you wish were feature-linked is to create an empty feature-linked annotation class, then append the standard annotation features to it (using the Append Annotation Feature Classes tool).

Several readers have wondered, once you have feature-linked annotation in place, what happens when you need to replace the data linked to the annotation? No one wants to repeat the work of setting up annotation if they can avoid it. Can you change which feature class your feature-linked annotation is linked to?

The answer is no. Feature-linked annotation can be associated with only one feature class (the one specified when the feature-linked annotation was created). The feature-linked annotation and the feature class participate in a relationship class that you cannot alter.

Despite this, when you receive new data, there is a way to preserve the annotation. Continue reading

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