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Virtual vs. Online: What’s in an Esri Training Name?

If you’re in the middle of attending, planning to attend, or thinking about attending an Esri instructor-led course on the web, you may be (minorly) interested in this announcement. The training format formerly known as the Esri Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom is now the Esri Instructor-Led Online Classroom. Except for the name, the learning experience remains the same.
Is there a technical significance to the switch from “virtual” to “online”? Has “virtual” become web 2.0 in a web 3.0 world? Happily, no and no. We decided to rename the Virtual Classroom simply because we miscalculated. Before we launched the Virtual Classroom in early 2005, a lot of time (and meetings) was spent discussing what the name should be. Options were floated. Virtual Classroom stuck.  Continue reading
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