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Training Spotlight: ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification

In the Overview of the Esri Technical Certification Program training seminar—broadcast live a few weeks ago—attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered on the spot. Common themes emerged. Many attendees said they were trying to figure out which certification was most appropriate for them, and many asked about exam preparation resources. In a post-seminar survey, when asked which certifications they were interested in achieving, 75% of respondents selected ArcGIS Desktop Professional—the most popular choice.

Maybe you, like some of the seminar attendees, are wondering which certification best reflects the state of your ArcGIS experience and skills. How can you evaluate your ArcGIS proficiency in relation to the exam scope? What if your organization is still using ArcGIS 9.3—can you realistically expect to pass an exam that tests knowledge of ArcGIS 10?

In the interview below, Esri Educational Specialist Ryan Otto answers some of these questions as he shares his experiences achieving the ArcGIS Desktop Professional certification last year and then authoring the Esri Technical Certification: Skills Review for ArcGIS Desktop Professional course. Continue reading

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