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How to Visualize 2D Data in 3D

GIS 101: Representing real-world feature locations in a digital format requires projecting a 3D surface (like the earth’s surface) to a 2D surface (like a flat screen). What if you want to do the reverse? How do you go from 2D to 3D? More specifically, how do you display 2D features in a 3D perspective?

First of all, to visualize data in 3D you need the right software. From Esri, ArcGIS 3D Analyst provides a 3D viewing environment.

If your GIS data source has z-values (such as elevation values), it’s 3D data. For many of us, however, 2D data is more plentiful than 3D data. If adding z-values to existing features in a production GIS database is not an option, there are several methods for displaying 2D features in 3D. Continue reading

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Spring Training Camp: Skills Review Courses for Esri Technical Certification

Are you interested in earning one of the ArcGIS Desktop technical certifications but nervous about taking (OK, passing) the exam? You’re probably not alone. To address questions and requests we’ve gotten for exam training resources, we are currently developing two instructor-led courses designed to help GIS professionals prepare for the certification exams.

These courses are not required for certification, and we’re not guaranteeing that by taking the course you will pass the exam. We think relevant workplace experience is the biggest contributing factor to earning an Esri technical certification. But the certification exams assess a broad range of ArcGIS knowledge and skills, and what we are working hard to guarantee is that you’ll leave class with a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your ArcGIS playbook—so any other preparation time you spend can be focused and productive.

The class experience will be faster-paced than other Esri training courses. We assume that students attending these classes are planning to earn the technical certification and therefore have significant experience with GIS and ArcGIS. The courses will cover a lot of ground in two days. If you attend one, you can expect to participate in frequent class discussions and group activities focused on identifying and troubleshooting common GIS issues and applying recommended practices to visualize, manage, and analyze GIS data. Hands-on exercises with ArcGIS 10 software also feature prominently in the daily agendas.

Both courses will roll out initially in the Online Classroom and subsequently be available at Esri learning centers around the U.S.

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