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Finding Maps and Data in ArcGIS 10: Welcome Home

The ArcGIS 10 release brought improvements to ArcCatalog, most notably its integration with ArcMap via the Catalog window. You can now directly access stand-alone ArcCatalog functionality while working with your data in ArcMap—a major convenience factor and productivity enhancement.

Home folder in ArcMap Catalog window
This week, many geographically dispersed American families are heading home for the holidays. Some organizations have geographically dispersed GIS data—scattered among different network locations, perhaps in randomly named folders, with lots of data stored (and duplicated) on individual desktops. This can make it a challenge both to find the data you need to work with and ensure that any new datasets you create are saved in the right location.

If this sounds familiar, you may welcome the Catalog window concepts of “home” (more specifically, the Home folder) and the default geodatabase. These concepts are specific to the Catalog window—there is no Home folder or default geodatabase when working with the stand-alone ArcCatalog application. Continue reading

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