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Faster, Easier Editing with ArcGIS 10

In last week’s live training seminar, Esri instructor Miriam Schmidts showed off the new and improved editing environment in ArcGIS 10. Usability enhancements—such as making commonly used editing tools more easily accessible—are just part of the story, albeit a part that data editors are going to love. The headline story for editing GIS data in ArcGIS 10 is the feature template.

ArcGIS 10 Create Features window

For those of you who missed last week’s seminar, a feature template defines all the information needed to create (or edit) a feature. When you create a feature class, you can define one or more feature templates. When you edit a layer in ArcMap, its feature templates display in the Create Features window (shown at right). If you need to edit a layer that doesn’t have a feature template associated with it, ArcGIS automatically creates a feature template when you start the edit session. Continue reading

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